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KamiSama Kiss Anime Review | A Wonderful Furry Romance Story

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

KamiSama Kiss is one of the cutest Anime out there and has recently skyrocketed back to the spotlight amongst popular viewer groups. Girls who love Dog Guys ... cough* InuYasha *cough* ... it's really well done and easy to keep watching.

If you're looking for a lighthearted and fun show with great comedy, look no further.

Table of Contents

Where to Watch Kamisama Kiss

Care for some Furry Romance? | Kamisama Kiss (2012)

Where can I get someone like Tomoe?! Where!?

Well, there’s already someone who’s able to get one, and, yes, anyone would envy her.

Our best ever, independent girl, Nanami!

Kamisama Kiss is a cute anime with a comedic love story
Kamisama Kiss is a cute anime with a comedic love story

Nanami Momozono, a highschool student and with a gambler father which ditched her with loan sharks and become homeless. Her life was tough by having a useless father.

Then one fateful day where she wasn’t able to find a place to stay, she happened to see a man climbing a tree being chased by a stray dog.

Nanami quickly was able to shoosh the dog and it went away.

There she had a faithful encounter with the Land God, Mikage. Mikage explained his situation, where his shrine is currently vacant and doesn’t have a Land God.

Therefore, Mikage decided to give it to Nanami by kissing her forehead. Nanami thought it was a prank and a complete bs, but not until she met Tomoe (a fox familiar originally owned by Mikage), and tons of supernatural beings. It was til then she became the Goddess ‘Deity’ of Mikage Shrine.

How Kamisama Kiss became Popular

Kamisama Kiss became popular because of Tomoe, a handsome fox familiar of Mikage, and passed onto Nanami. Ever wonder why of all the people Mikage have met, he only passed it on Nanami? Watch it! I’m sure you’ll definitely love the plot twist.

The Isekai twist, but its only temporary.

People Simp over KamiSama Kiss
People Simp over KamiSama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss became popular again this 2021 because of anime fans posting it on Tiktok and Facebook. Many fans and viewers were happy to watch it again.

For some who didn’t watch it yet Bili-Bili (Bili-Bili is downloadable in Play Store) has all the complete episodes, from Season 1 and Season 2.

If you have completed Season 2, you must quickly watch Kamisama Kiss Kako-hen ep 1- 4 to know the ending. Trust me you’ll know an anime is good if the episodes are not enough for what you think it deserves more. Sad to say there won’t be Season 3.



I love how cute and devoted he is for Nanami, and would do anything to help her. Although sometimes it tends to get out of hand. I also like how sharp looking he is when he gets serious, its sometimes gives me chills every time I decide to watch the episodes again.

Mizuki Kamisama Kiss
Tomoe Kamisama Kiss


There’s no doubt it’s Tomoe, right? We’ll he already has it all, from being a boyfriend material and husband material. He has that simpable look, yep, that hot kind of guy swarmed by girls. Lucky Nanami, she’s able to make this guy head over heels for her.

If you’re into more DADDY type, I know you’ll definitely go with Jirō. He actually appeared in Season 2 where Nanami climbed to the Tengu Mountains. We’ll he’s definitely that buff type of guy who doesn’t know how to handle girls kindly. I know you’ll got to have that love and hate relationship with him but bro, I must say he’s pretty soft on the inside too. Just sayin’, but yea he doesn’t control his brute strength, so most girls are afraid of him.

Nanami Kamisama Kiss
Nanami Kamisama Kiss

And well to tell you honestly, there still tons of characters in Kamisama Kiss that are legit daddy and simpable, specially, SPECIALLY in Season 2, so make sure you watch it.


Q: Will Kamisama Kiss have Season 3?

A: Unfortunately, NO. There is none. But if you are curious how the legit ending goes without cuts, go check out the manga. I promise you it’s worth reading the ending.

Q: Is Nanami and Tomoe’s child a Boy? Or a Girl?

A: As seen in the final episode of Kamisama kiss Kako-hen, in the ending song, No one were able to tell if their child was a girl or a boy because it did not show up clearly in the ending and it only shows that Nanami and Tomoe become parents. Later confirmed that their child is a boy, as stated by the author.

Q: Did Nanami and Tomoe ended up with each other?

A: A BIG YES! They ended up together and blessed with a healthy boy!

Q: What happened to Mizuki after Nanami decide to stop being the Land God?

A: Mizuki continued to become a familiar under Mikage’w wing. Mizuki may be devoted, but still, he respects Nanami’s decision.

How Kamisama Kiss became one of my favorites?

The story is legit well made and the character development is the best by far on all across the anime I have watched.

None of the characters hold grudges towards one another and ended up reconciling in a good way and moving on with life.

One may have done wrong but in the end its still forgiven.

Plus, the characters were all good looking and definitely matches with their personalities. I’m just so happy that a lot of people were willing to watch it and remember it again.

Where to Watch Kamisama Kiss


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