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What are some good anime to watch?

Recently I've been really active on Tiktok because there are a TON of great anime edits and anime compilations that pop up. I watch a lot of anime and thus currently need new shows to try.

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When you're like me, you'll be scouring the web to try and find new shows. Maybe you've been reluctant to try a title because of something you heard from a friend or on the internet.

If you’re looking for some fun entertainment, tear-jerker, or just a day filled with non-stop pure leisure, perhaps some animes could satisfy you.

That is if you are into anime movies or series.

But who could resist these highly appealing anime shows? Here is my list of anime that anyone should watch before diving into obscure titles.

Watching animes could get you facing your mobile phone, tv or computer all day. Whether it’s action, drama, sci-fi or comedy, anime has all of that to offer you.

Right now, you might be wondering - What anime should I watch? Well, to get you the entertainment you’re looking for, we’ve listed down the top 8 anime series or movies that are good to watch in your free time.

They’re not just available on tv shows, you can also find anime online. So get your drinks and popcorn coz you’ll be sitting all day with this anime list.


Did you know that the very first anime was made and released in 1917? Katsudō Shashin is a Japanese animated filmstrip and the oldest known Japanese animation work.

Here is the list of anime movies or series that you should watch to keep you entertained all day and all night.

8. My Hero Academia | Boku no Hīrō Akademia

Probably one of the most popular ongoing series right now. My Hero Academia centres on a male lead who loves superheroes and wants to become one BUT, there’s a but. He doesn’t have any superpowers.

If you’re into sci-fi and comedy, then you’ll definitely love watching this series although I have to warn you.

You need a lot of time to watch this if you wanna catch up because it’s already about to release its 6th season.

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7. Tokyo Ghoul

Here’s another famous anime series, Tokyo Ghoul.

This dark fantasy series involves ghouls craving for human flesh and humans who abhor ghouls and are willing to go through everything to eliminate them.

The series already has 4 seasons so if you want to finish watching this, be prepared for a long sitting. But I know you won’t mind since it’s a really good series to watch. You won’t even notice that you’re already halfway through.

awesome red Tokyo ghoul cool fan art anime wallpaper

6. Detective Conan

Another ongoing anime series that you’re sure to get addicted to. Detective Conan.

Rated 4.8 on Crunchyroll, Detective Conan will surely activate your critical thinking skills and curiosity because of the almost impossible cases that Shinichi Kudo solves every day.

Are you ready for some crime-solving adventure?

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5. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

If you’re an avid fan of anime, then you surely know or have heard about Demon Slayer. Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie: Mugen Train was released in 2020 and most viewers liked the movie because of its astonishing action scenes and animations.

It’s a very interesting anime movie to watch so be sure to include this on your MUST WATCH list.

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4. Spirited Away

This one isn’t your usual anime go-to movie. Some would even think it’s a little bit creepy. But that’s what makes it interesting. Of course, there will be no spoilers on this one so you can go ahead and just enjoy watching the Spirited Away movie.

You can find this on Netflix and other anime sites or even social media sites such as Facebook.

Spirited Away Anime Dragon Fan Art

3. Assassination Classroom the Movie: 365 Days

This one is a personal favourite. This one is probably one of those movies that will send you laughing, crying, and an overall emotion-filled watching experience.

You can learn a lot of things from this movie, especially about friendship and family so be sure to watch this in your free time.

Nagisa Assassination Classroom Anime

2. Wolf Children

Let’s take a pause on the action and head straight to something a little bit emo. Before watching this movie, be sure to have some handkerchiefs or tissues beside you because you’re sure to shed some tears with all the drama and overall story.

The story is something that most single moms would be able to relate to but anyone can watch it especially you.

wolf children anime scene

1. Your Name

You have probably heard of this anime movie before. It's one of the most-watched anime movies of all time because of how great the movie is overall. The twist, music, everything.

Apart from being a tear-jerker, it also has a hint of sci-fi so if you're into those kinds of movies, be sure to take a look at Your Name.

Whether you’re just bored or are really into anime, be sure to watch this list of good anime movies to watch for a guaranteed pure entertainment experience.

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