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How to Start an Anime Review Blog

For individuals who are interested in beginning their own anime blog, this post provides a fast overview of the fundamentals.


Step-by-step instructions and advice on how to succeed as a blogger are provided in this guide. 


You can start an anime art blog. 


The following are the necessary steps to begin an anime blog or website: 


Decide on a Web Address 

Get a domain name and web hosting service 

Choosing a Blogging Platform 

Choose a Style 

Search Engine Optimization: What You Need to Know (SEO) 

Install Web Analytics Software (Optional) 

Promote Your Blog/Website by Writing/Creating Content 

Tips for Getting Started with an Anime Website 


If you consider everything, setting up and maintaining a website may be quite the undertaking. As a rule of thumb, new abilities will be required if you're serious about getting into it. A successful blog necessitates a significant time commitment from the blogger. 


A legitimate website, one that belongs to you and isn't part of some free internet service, will also cost you money. 


Decide on a Web Address 




A domain name is the first thing you'll need if you want to build a website of your own. A domain name is a unique identifier for a website's online location. The kind of site that looks somewhat like this: 


A "whois" service can tell you if a domain name is already taken (simply use a search engine to discover one or click on the link provided). Having a domain name that is related to your blog's content is a good rule of thumb to follow. The majority of decent domain names have already been chosen, which is a significant consideration. However, with a little ingenuity, you may still come up with a good result. 


Aim for a two-word phrase. An easy-to-remember name that's related to your industry and easy to type is ideal. 




A registrar (typically $5-15/year) is where you go to get a domain name registered. 


Get a domain name and web hosting service 


Symbol of web hosting 


The computer (server) on which your website will be kept is known as web hosting. Your website's domain name is like the door number of your home. 


If you're not familiar with dealing with web hosting, look for a provider that offers phone help. They are usually there to assist you in the beginning stages of the procedure. Alternatively, you might hire a web developer to create your website from scratch. 


To locate a web host, all you need to do is type "web hosting" into your preferred search engine's search bar. You only need a basic hosting bundle (typically $5-10 per month) if you're only going to have one blog or website. 


Choosing a Blogging Platform 


Icon for blogging 


You don't need to be a web developer to establish a blog or website using a CMS like WordPress. Many web hosting companies make it simple to get started with this service. 


WordPress is a free blogging platform with a large user base and is the industry standard (at the time of this publication). 


Choose a Style 


Icon for web design 


Themes (skins) for your website may usually be downloaded for free from the websites of the main content management systems. These services make it simple and cost-free to acquire a website design. Many of these themes also have possibilities for customizing other aspects of your site, such as the color scheme and fonts used. 




If you're having trouble deciding on colors for your theme, try using an online color scheme generator. 


An anime blog can be a little more crowded and colorful than a normal blog, but don't go overboard. Decide on a theme that appeals to you while also being acceptable for the information you plan to provide. Ads and banners should not take up too much space on your website. Avoid any auto-playing noises, films, flashing graphics, or any other media. These things can irritate users to the point that they leave your site. 


Search Engine Optimization: What You Need to Know (SEO) 


The symbol for search engine optimization 


You must optimize your blog for search engines in order for people to find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses a wide range of topics, but two in particular stand out: page titles and descriptions. When you type in a search term into a search engine, you're likely to get page titles and descriptions. One of the most significant things you can do to increase your site's ranking in searches is to write an effective title and description. 


A lot of content management systems offer built-in features or plugins that allow you to easily add page names and descriptions to your website. 




Before you begin blogging, do some research on search engine optimization (SEO). 


Install Web Analytics Software (Optional) 


The analytics icon on a website 


Analytical tools for your blog or website are an alternative that you may want to consider. You can observe how many people come to your blog and which pages they visit with the help of web analytics. Your progress may be gauged by this. 


At any moment, you may add analytics to your website. You may do it right away, or you can wait till you have some material on your site before doing so. 


Most of the main search engine providers provide free web analytics accounts. Creating an account is as simple as that. The next step is to add a tracking code to your website so that your analytics may be used. The tracking code may be easily added to a CMS like WordPress thanks to plugins and other capabilities. 






You should be able to connect into your account and get information about your site visits when everything is set up. 


Assemble and Produce Material 


Icon of paper 


Anime has a wide range of facets. As a new blogger, it may be beneficial to focus on a single topic at first. Videos, reviews, art, etc... The best way to get your site noticed is to have a defined focus or a specialty of your own. 


Access to unique content and creative abilities to develop your own stuff (or friends who are artists) might be a major assistance if you're in the anime business. 


An interview with a manga creator, an interview with someone who worked on an anime-themed game, or an original piece of anime-themed art are all examples of good content. 


Not everyone has the opportunity to talk with a large game developer or fly to Japan, but you may seek for small game creators that are more inclined to offer you part of their time in exchange for promotion of their product. 


You'll also need to have decent writing abilities if you want to write material for your blog or website. Working alongside others who share your passions but possess a different set of abilities might be an excellent choice, depending on your current skill set. 


Boost Your Blog's SEO 


Icon of a megaphone 


Once you've got several posts up, you should think about getting the word out about your blog. Using social media and being active in relevant groups can help you spread the word about your work. 


Extra Suggestion 


Make sure you get permission before using other people's stuff on your site. Doing so might land you in serious legal binds. Legal action can be taken against you if you use images, articles, or even short fragments of text that were taken from another website without their consent. 


However, before using ANYTHING you discover on the internet, be sure you have permission to do so. There are many free materials available online (particularly for non-commercial use). 




This piece merely scratches the surface of what it takes to maintain a successful blog. With that said, the knowledge supplied can undoubtedly help you choose the appropriate path. It's easier to dig further into each topic on your own after you have a firm grasp of the essentials of maintaining a blog. 


Countless bloggers have failed, resigned, or had their blogs taken down over the years, and this is not the first time this has happened to me. Maybe I'll write on the reasons why bloggers leave the blogging community another time? 


You can establish an anime blog in only seven simple steps. There's no nonsense or filler here; just clear advice that's proven to work. 


Use these pointers to get you started; there isn't a "only way" to accomplish anything. 


The advise you'll receive here will be fresh and original, unlike what you'll find on other blogs. 





1. What are you going to write about? 

how to begin a blog about anime 


What are you going to write about? 


Please allow us to alleviate your burden. Here are some anime-related topics: 


Reviews of anime and manga. 

Product evaluations and feedback. 


The ten best articles of all time. 

Merchandise and collectibles related to anime. 

How-to articles. 

Day-in-the-life blog entries (related to anime). 

The latest in anime news. 

Inspirational blog posts (like Anime Motivation). 

Lessons learned throughout the course of a lifetime (like Anime Motivation).  

Anime quotations, to be exact. 

Manga conventions and conventions. 


In terms of online presence, that's an accurate portrayal of the anime business. 


Generally speaking, these 13 themes and subjects are a good fit for it. 


Inspirational and motivating posts were at the top of my priority list when I first started this site. This is why the name: Anime Motivation was coined. 


Fans from all around the world visit our site every day to peruse anime quotes and other related material. 


My secondary areas of expertise include product and industry suggestions and how- to's. 


If you opt to go with a core topic, you'll need to have supplementary themes to support it. That way, you won't become tired of writing on the same subject. 


With secondary topics, you may take a breather at times. Additionally, it has the ability to arouse originality and inventiveness in the mind of the recipient. 


You'll also avoid the temptation to shoot your blog in the head and quit. 




2. What are your talents? 

Because it's so simple to overlook, this one makes me giggle. 


Bloggers across a wide range of fields make this blunder, and it bothers me. Wonder why no one shares their posts on any particular blog 


In order to avoid making a mistake, ask yourself: What are my strengths and weaknesses? Understanding this necessitates a certain level of self-awareness. 


Lying to yourself can only lead to disappointment. 


It's no surprise that writing is my primary mode of expression. 


Audio is a close second in terms of appeal to me. 


Which option appeals to you the most? 


Do you have a good command of the English language? 

In front of the camera, are you charismatic or comfortable? (video). 

Can people tell when you're talking to them? The ability to communicate and speak is an important skill to have. (Audio). 

In each of these three categories, pick the one that best reflects your strengths. Then, use that as a compass. 


You have the option of making a supplementary selection as well. Your findings may be harmed if you go beyond that point in time. 




Choosing a blogging platform is the third step in the process wisely 

how to begin a blog about anime 


Blogs aren't just about having a website; they're about a lot more. 


If you don't already have a blog or a website, there are several methods to blog. 


You may select from a wide variety of blogging systems here: 


As a blogger, you'll be (owned by Google). 

Wordpress (my favorite). 

It's all here on YouTube (video blogging). 

YouTube (video). 

Soundcloud (Podcasts). 

Craftsman (Podcasts). 

I write essays for anime-related websites as a guest contributor. 

Amid a Wide Range (free blogging platform). 

Question and Answer site Quora (not the best, but it has a written platform for blogging). 

Streaming video service Periscope (live streaming video content). 

More platforms exist than you may have previously thought. There are even some bloggers who have never heard of these social media sites. 


Referring back to tip #1, put your abilities to work on whatever platform is most comfortable for you. 


And perhaps a second platform, too. 




Consider setting up your own webhosting account (WordPress) 

Using WordPress, which I highly suggest, will need purchasing web hosting. 


It may appear to be a difficult concept at first, but I assure you that it isn't. 


The fundamentals are as follows: 


A domain name is selected by you (url). 

The photos, files, domain name, and content of your website are "hosted" by a third party for a fee. 

WordPress is now set up on your computer. 

An url is provided to log in. 

Set up WordPress, and you're ready to go. 

There are no more steps to be taken after that. 

Please check out the resources at the conclusion of this page. 




Establish and adhere to a daily or weekly routine. 

how to begin a blog about anime 


Now that you've finished setting up your blog, it's time to keep to a routine. 


Bloggers often make the error of DISAPPEARING for long periods of time. Only to return to writing when no one cares about them anymore. 


Consider what would happen if Beyonce didn't release any new songs for the next decade. No, I don't think so. Hmmm. 


The way to keep a timetable is to look at it like this: Maintain a regular routine, whether it's once a week, once a month, or even once a day. 


Consistency is highly regarded. 


For me, I've stopped following individuals who are inconsistent since I'd forgotten who they are. 




6. Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and put your skills to good use. 

In order to avoid being left behind, you must learn how to market your blog. 


Slang for "advertising items on the internet" is digital marketing. That's the way to approach things. 


Here are a few things to keep in mind: 


Search engine optimization (search engine optimization). 

SEM is an acronym for search engine marketing (advertising on search engines). 

The term "social media" can be used to describe (Twitter, Facebook, etc). 

Sending out emails (newsletters). 

A community is a group of people who (forums, Reddit, etc). 

Writing for others (writing for other sites). 

That's all there is to know. Aim here is to select the best approach for your abilities. 


If you don't, you'll have a hard time attracting even 10 followers. 




Don't let edward elric's mood deteriorate since it's pouring outside. 


Instead of reading any farther if you're going to give up, just hit the back button now. 


As I previously stated, I've witnessed a plethora of blogs vanish into thin air. To never return, in my opinion. 


They had unrealistic expectations of "instant success." And their motivation was snuffed out by disappointment. 


Don't give up, no matter what. The world revolves around the passage of time. 





freestar\s8. It is a waste of time to worry about "competition." 

In 11 Steps, You'll Learn How to Create and Maintain an Anime Blog. 


I've seen this since long before this anime blog was ever created. 


It's impossible to succeed if you spend all of your time worrying about what other blogs and websites are doing. Insecurity regarding your blog shows up when you start "comparing" yourself to others. 


Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on you. YOU are on an adventure. Let this serve as a reminder: Don't underestimate your abilities. 


Don't discount yourself or think you have nothing to contribute. 




Write from your own perspective and don't pretend to be someone else. 

In order to avoid offending others, some people act in a "politically correct" manner. To avoid criticism, as well. 


However, the truth is that no matter what you accomplish, you will face criticism. 


So why don't you tell us what you really think about your favorite and least favorite animes? 


As long as you don't go out of your way to deliberately insult others, you'll be OK. Nevertheless, writing from your own perspective and not fake it is the only way to do it. 




Think outside of the box when it comes to starting an anime blog. 


As a result, you'll discover a wide range of original stuff on this blog. 


"Doing the same thing as everyone else" doesn't appeal to me at all. 


That's why the information is so widely disseminated and continues to do well over time. 


Anime that will inspire you to study hard is an example of a weird yet effective anime. 


In order to get people to care about your material, you have to stand out from the crowd. 


There's no such thing as a bad reaction. 




Watch a LOT of anime, if you can. 

how to begin a blog about anime 


Similar blogs about beginning an anime blog don't include these topics. 


As a general rule of thumb: 


To write about, you'll have less things to say. 

You'll have less expertise in the areas you pick. 

In terms of attitude, style, and viewpoint, there is less to give. 

In the long run, you won't be able to keep up with the demand for new material. 

There's no need to binge-watch every single episode of every single anime you can get your hands on. Not a chance. 


But even if you know just 100 or 200, it's still impressive. Even if you just have 50 programs, you'll have a wealth of content ideas to draw from. 


The anime series Madoka Magica has inspired a few pieces on my site. 


To think that I've written that many posts about just one anime series is an understatement. 




Another thing to keep in mind: write from a new perspective. 

Talk about the shows you despise, not just the ones you enjoy. 


Instead of discussing the year's finest anime, conduct a poll to find out what YOUR audience thinks. 


Or, to put it another way: look at things from time to time from a new perspective. 




Step-by-step instructions on setting up a WordPress website from scratch 


What Exactly Is Web Hosting? 




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