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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Anime Review

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Not another Teen Isekai?!

Seriously, this trope needs to come to and end. There are far too many "I was thrust into a fantasy life" genre anime on the market. Low hanging fruit for creators, and throw in just a pinch of fan service (oops I spilled the whole jar) and now middle aged man children like myself are fawning over a new series that has minimal impact on our aging and slow minds. We like the drawing though.

All in all I'd say there are some better Anime on the market right now, BUT if you've blazed through all of the hit releases of the year and need something just to put on in the background while you work from home this might be a nice choice.

Mushoku Sensei Fan Art MC walking with Staff
Mushoku Sensei Fan Art

Even when a bus strikes and kills a 34-year-old underachiever, his journey is far from over. As a newborn in a new universe, Rudy will take advantage of any and all opportunities to pursue the life he's always dreamed of leading. He's about to go on an incredible journey, armed with new partners, newly discovered magical abilities, and the courage to do the things he's always wanted to do—all while keeping all of his past experience intact!

The anime contains a few scenes of sexual perversion that may turn some people off (primarily women), but if you are the average male, it will only come across as "finally, some realism." So enjoy the perversion for what it is, and then you can concentrate on the story and world building and characters, which are all incredible and unique and do not rely on the perverted nature of some scenes to make it good.

In a surprising turn of events, Rudeus Greyrat's new life is turned upside down as the land of Roa is overwhelmed by a blinding light, leaving his family and friends completely in the dark. Both Rudy and his student, Eris, are dispatched to the Demon Continent, which is a foreign land even to their teacher. When a mystery man claims to be a deity and offers advice, Rudy must decide whether or not he should trust him or not. Do you think Rudy and Eris will be able to make it back home, or do you think this will be the final new planet on which Rudy awakens?

As though they're viewing anime for the first time and ecchi is a completely new idea to them, people are always condemning this anime for being overly perverted and violent. Some have gone so far as to insult the viewers by referring to them as "incels."

This anime inspired me to finish the Light Novel as well, and it was the first anime that got me so enthusiastic that I decided to go for the Light Novel as well after seeing it (which has reached its conclusion btw). As a result, it's almost the first long-form novel I've ever read.

I'm not going to go into detail why why this is so wonderful because many people have already done so, and if I did, after reading the Light Novel, it would take tens of pages and would most likely contain a significant amount of spoilers, so I'll refrain. Nonetheless, I'll spoil it a little by displaying one of Light Novel's covers here. **apologies**

Main Girl Eris from Mushoku Tensei
Main Girl Eris from Mushoku Tensei

The Mushoku Tensei Anime are shown on Hulu.

It's only natural that the first season had certain scenes that made some people feel uncomfortable; after all, it was their first season (mostly women). In contrast, downplaying the importance of this story and defaming it are both absolutely absurd and out of touch with reality. Some of these people may have applauded the Monogatri Series (which I also love) and other trashy/cringey harem, imouto, or trashy shows like Eromanga Sensei or SAO, as well as the Monogatri Series (which I also enjoy). It's possible that they were also fans of Game of Thrones.

In addition, it was evident from the first four minutes of the first episode that there would be a lot of unpleasant, disgusting material to come, so why did you bother to sit through all eleven episodes?!!!!!

With all of the disagreements and animosity, I'm scared that the show will be cancelled after a few seasons, as has happened to many other series in the past. If this does not happen, I am looking forward to seeing the full tale animated. I hope this does not happen. We have only begun to hear the story, and it is only going to get more and more fascinating as time goes on.

A new studio (STUDIO BIND) was created exclusively for the creation of this anime (this occurred after all 25 volume-long Light Novels were completed), suggesting that WHITE FOX STUDIO realized this was an exceptional piece of work.

In fact, I had never loved any isekai until this one, mostly because nearly all of them had awful writing on the main characters and lacked character depth. This work, on the other hand, is beautifully written, and most individuals who started reading it finished it in one sitting and referred to it as 'the father of isekai.' Rudy's growth and development throughout the story is inspiring, amazing, and immensely relevant to today's world.

Those who are critical of it are free to stay away from it at their leisure. Nonetheless, please refrain from spreading the hate; there are many people who enjoyed it, in addition to others who haven't seen it yet but would surely appreciate it. Given that at least four out of every 10 animes include obscene or illegal content, why is this particular one being demonized in the first place? Many people find it to be pretty wonderful, and they are looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

The same way you wouldn't watch Attack on Titan looking for an innocent, clean storyline, you wouldn't go into a harem and expect it to be clean and innocent either.

Immediately, it is clear that you will be following the story of a degenerate, as indicated by the title of the anime "Jobless Reincarnation."

No, I'm not going to ignore the fact that this anime is almost entirely focused on horny men for the first few episodes, but if you can just stop being a horny bastard and get over it, you'll have a good time watching this anime. I'm writing this review after only seeing the first season's first six episodes, so bear with me.

"At the absolute least, I'd like to think I might be able to lose my virginity." That's a traditional opening statement for an isekai story. To my knowledge, no anime has included anything other than a handsome male main character who loves looking females' boobs and underwear, with no extra sexual interaction, and even these scenes are often referred to as "accidents," which is a bit of a red herring.

This anime made an attempt to do something different. We hear a lot of sexual activity between characters right from the start, and we even get a scene with the main character that isn't finished. Because the characters are both little, I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I suppose it's an interesting approach in this genre.

When it comes to the basic plot of the anime, it's somewhat above average. The mc trains for his own objectives, and not everything goes according to plan. Also, he is not exceptionally powerful, which causes him to rely on the assistance of other individuals. According to me, the most exciting part of the story occurs near the end, which is why I'm looking forward to the second season with anticipation.

The animation is visually appealing and entertaining to watch. The anime's soundtrack is excellent, and I particularly like the ending song. According to my perspective, the decision to modify virtually every starting animation and uncover boring story segments was an excellent one.

Even if all of the characters are intriguing to watch and have their own evolution, they aren't just jumping boobs on the screen. Finally, I enjoy the comedic elements of this anime.

Do you like Fantasy and Magic and Bewbs? Mushoku Tensei is for you
Do you like Fantasy and Magic and Bewbs? Mushoku Tensei is for you

In the first six episodes, there is a surprising amount of character development and world-building that takes place. Also highlighted is that Rudeus knows nothing about the world into which he has been transformed other than what he has learned through books, which is a beautiful touch since it lends a feeling of mystery to an already interesting environment. Rudeus is a hilarious, overbearing main character that possesses just a few dislikable attributes in his character development. The show's pace is suitable since it does not drag and maintains the attention of the audience. The narrative is also enjoyable since there is always a clear goal in sight, so you won't be left sitting there wondering what you should do next "What is the end goal of all of this? What exactly is going on?

Obviously, the fundamental idea of the anime is not especially innovative, as many, many series have attempted and failed to achieve this, but this one is extremely refreshing and simple to watch, and it is highly recommended. The overused premise of reincarnating into a magical dimension makes me fear that this anime will be overlooked by many viewers, but perhaps it will receive the praise and attention that it merits. So as not to waste any more time, I'll sum it up by saying that this anime is certainly worth watching, and hopefully the pacing and plot will be maintained since this show has a lot of potential.

He was a lonely, mature male who sat at home all day, watching anime and playing video games, before jerking off to go somewhere else. Expecting a guy with his personality to morph into the perfect protagonist immediately after reincarnation isn't going to work out that well. In his former incarnation, he was a wicked degenerate; can you guess what he'll be when he awakens from his slumber? It is due of the main character's temperament and perversity that people are giving this anime negative ratings. That should not be the major reason for assigning a grade to a piece of written work. You should watch My Hero Academia if you want to witness protagonists that are both perfect and wholesome.

As a baby, the protagonist is thrust into a medieval world filled with magical creatures, fantastical races, swordfighting, and, perhaps most crucially, copious amounts of sexual assault and exploitation. This is especially true for minors. And it doesn't, or should I say shouldn't, sit well with many of us, but it just could with others, because for some male characters, female characters who are completely oblivious to what is going on around them is perfectly acceptable. The potential for a considerably better representation of these critical themes, in a far more sensitive manner, is simply too great, and these kinds of characters should not be accepted by anyone. Despite the fact that it is incredibly perveted, after seven episodes, it looks to be saying something along the lines of: 'boys will occasionally consider slipping an opiate into a girl's drink; nevertheless, so long as they do not, it is amazing fun.' However, I'm not certain that it makes for fantastic entertainment, and it doesn't work for me when there are no visible ramifications for these actions, which even seek to dissuade individuals from actually executing the act in the first instance. Currently, there aren't any characters that are actively seeking to topple the established order. We are faced with dumb after dumb after dumb, with no backbone and no perveted thought, after dumb after stupid. In this anime, guys write women horribly, and while there is some promise and beauty in the narrative at times, it is simply not worth it when all of the women are represented as mistreated, depressed, or just plain stupid by their male counterparts.

To the comment(s) "the character is flawed, thus that's the whole point!" I responded: That he is handicapped has absolutely no influence on anything whatsoever. As long as there are repercussions or compelling reasons for his terrible action to go unpunished, it would be perfectly acceptable and rational for him to act in this manner. *Spoiler* However, there is one moment in which he rips a girl's underwear off as she watches, and all she does is give him some slapstick. SHE THEN PROCEEDS TO RESPECT HIM AS A MAGICIAN AS A RESULT OF HIS MAGICAL ABILITY. A character has a strong admiration for someone who has almost sexually molested them. This would simply never happen unless the girl has been mentally tortured into believing that everything is OK and that she has a valuable role to play in the world. Despite the fact that her family seems unusual on the surface, there is absolutely nothing in the story to imply that she was tutored to be that way. There is nothing to imply that she was ever uncomfortable as a result of what he did, and there is nothing to suggest that she was impacted by the event. Perhaps if there were, it might make more sense, but the point is that whomever came up with this failed to construct people with genuine emotions or to tell a story that was clear. That is one of the reasons why it is so bad. Everything about it is filled with plot flaws relating to character construction. As a result, the sexual assault looks to have been inserted only for the sake of entertainment rather than as an integral part of the story, which is why it is so filthy and reprehensible.

This is the narrative of a wounded guy, an adult who has been severely tormented into a life of solitude as a result of his experiences. After being granted a second chance at life, we witness him struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eventually blossom into someone with a sense of purpose. In his past life, he was deprived of a childhood, an education, friends, girlfriends, love, a sense of purpose, and so on; now he has the opportunity to make the most of a fresh beginning. Of course, this does not absolve him of his problematic pedophilic conduct, but we all know he was always intended to be a degenerate from the beginning. Because anime is peculiar, and because they've been sexualizing lolis for a long time, why not label the vast majority of ecchi-harem watchers as sexist pedophiles as a generalization? Lol.

In any case, if you pay close attention to the subtleties of subsequent episodes, you will see that the anime portrays his trashy attitude toward women as a character flaw. It's important to remember that this is a man who has isolated himself from society for the most of his life, and that the only female connections he has had have been through porn and eroges. As the narrative unfolds, he increasingly realizes that perhaps real-life girls do not behave in the same manner as the eroges he played in his past career. When he assists women, they aren't merely objects that will cater to his sexual desires after he has accomplished some sort of aim in their assistance. After attempting to have sex with Eris, despite the fact that she appeared to agree, we are witness to his regretful conduct. He understands right after that he made a mistake; the verbal agreement was ambiguous, her "yes" wasn't really a yes, he shouldn't have taken it as an invitation to barge in given how uncomfortable she was, and he was stuck in his eroge mindset when he made the decision to do it. There is no justification; it was wrong, but my child is learning from it now. To observe him have grooming aspirations and perv on adolescent ladies despite the fact that he is an adult is a disturbing experience. There's no way I can see us being asked to enjoy or relate to this character. However, as disturbing as this may be, there has been progress in his attitude toward women as well as in other aspects of his personality. Consider the anime to be the story of Rudeus' redemption from his ordeal. We can be critical of Redeus as a character, but I don't believe the anime is particularly bad.

While many individuals are flawed in reality, as the story progresses, it becomes clearer which characters have problems (his scummy Chad father is an exception). At the beginning of the story, he does not appear to be overpowered; instead, he works hard and studies to get to where he is. That said, this is not an anime that I feel should be examined in depth; rather, it is an anime that should be experienced for the sheer enjoyment of it without any consideration for its meaning. Consider it more of a playful slice of life than a serious adventure with a lot of narrative. Do not watch if you are uneasy with the prospect of seeing Rudeus at his most wicked; you will not be disappointed. Convincing those who are afraid of blood to see and evaluate a bloody slasher film will result in unfavorable comments. Get folks who are highly sensitive to sexism and sexual assault to review Moshoku Tensei (or any anime that includes the character of Ecchi) and you will get bad responses. Even though this anime is not advocating for pedophilia or sexual assault (since it is intended to improve the character and demonstrate that these are among his flaws), many people who are sensitive to the subject will find it offensive.

We all know how controversial mc is, and I would have halted a performance immediately if it backed anti-pedo or anti-gay causes or anything along those lines.

This is one of my favorite anime series of all time. It's one of those shows where the main character isn't the most important thing to pay attention to.

Despite the fact that it dives into trauma, it still manages to provide a compelling and fascinating tale. I sincerely hope that a third season will be produced.

But first, let's talk about this season in general. It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to animations. My experience with it has been one of the most rewarding world building experiences I've ever had, and the world itself is so beautiful that I can't get enough of it.

There has undoubtedly been a significant amount of effort invested in the animation and story telling (kind of).

Despite the fact that it is still in its early stages, this program continues to improve. Following a highly successful first season, the second season maintains a high level of stability throughout the season. I enjoy the world-building part of the program the most, with the character development coming in a close second. It's entertaining to see what approach our characters could take in dealing with their problems, because each one is dealt with in a unique way. The characters can be pretty amusing at times, but they can also be incredibly serious when the situation calls for it. Every character in this show has a distinct personality that stands out from the rest.

Watching our protagonists travel through several nations, each with their unique set of laws and ideas on life, is a rewarding experience. Due to the vastness of these continents and the length of time required to journey between them, our heroes learn more about the places they visit while also modifying their interactions with others as a result of their acquired knowledge.

However, our adventurers never appear to be unstoppable or entirely in command; they have their own set of abilities as well as a bevy of defects that make them interesting to watch. The company's reputation is slowly but steadily increasing, yet it is still not well respected. Rudeus will continue to experience the world in a unique manner as a result of his former existence, which will force him to respond in a different way than other persons who are born into this world. Even as our characters age, their doubts and anxieties continue to grow.

Many viewers may be put off by Rudeus' conduct around his second cousin now that his 40-year-old soul has been granted a new body, despite the fact that the episode is great in every way. In exchange, the same 15-year-old second cousin can't seem to keep her fantasies about having sexual relations with Rudeus, who is two years younger than her. In the second category, there is the girl who seems to be a young teenager but who is at least 40 years old and who wishes to be with the same 13-year-old person who has a 40+ year old soul.

Although this is the case, children are abused, killed, and sold in this episode. I'm confident that if we continue our exploration, we will come upon a slew of other disturbing incidents that take place on this planet. It's as if you've traveled back in time to the fourteenth century. In a drama like this, it's normal for dukes to marry off their daughters in order to court favor with another duke.

However, it was another excellent season, and I am looking forward to seeing what this wonderful show has in store for us in the future.

So let's face the elephant in the room, which is the MC and his pedophilia, and deal with it head on. That's where I feel everything went horribly wrong. In season one, many people are unaware that when the MC was sent out of the house for watching p*rn, he was actually watching his nieces in the Light Novel.

These programs are undoubtedly written by someone with incredibly strong weird fetishes, which are blatantly visible throughout the series, particularly in episode 9, as well as some uncomfortable s*x scenes, which are only delivered with moans.

The anime has done a lot to reduce these moments, but they are still there, and I'm still sad about how it has destroyed such a wonderful show, which will undoubtedly receive much love and a lot of traction, but there will be some unpleasant aspects to it as well.

Now, as for the season as a whole, it's been amazing (8+) thus far. Despite the fact that they have not hastened the episodes as in many isekai that attempt to increase anticipation for the next manga or Light Novel, they have not done so in this situation, signaling that they are in it for the long haul, and I expect many more episodes to come. The action moments, as well as the melancholy ones, have been really amazing.

After all, Studio Bind has done us a great service by providing us a second season of this anime. And my gosh, a lot occurred, and I can't tell you how many action-packed stories were made as a result of it. I really, really appreciate the music, and I'm glad they brought Yuiko Oohara back to the show because she's been an incredible vocalist for the program's previous two seasons. I'm looking forward to hearing her sing again!

As a spectator, it was really interesting to witness more of Rudy, Rujeird, and Eris's personalities emerge as a result of the adventures they embark on in order to locate the family following a surprising incident (I won't say anything more since I don't want to ruin anything). It is true that you will ultimately watch what transpires with Eris and Ruijeird's decision making, but it is also true that I was overcome with emotions for no apparent reason. (I'm not going to give anything away about the plot.)

We also get to meet a few intriguing characters (the Demon Queen, Elinalise, and the Viking guy), all of whom I wish had appeared more regularly because their roles were cut too short in my opinion. Season 3 will, in my opinion, cover all of the major topics.