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Ponyo Anime Review

Are you looking for a movie to watch with your family, especially your younger siblings? I’m pretty sure this movie will be perfect for you and your younger siblings would love this movie.


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Ponyo Anime Review

Studio Ghibli is known to produce magical movies that can make you feel like you’re in the same world as them. If you’re looking for an anime movie that’s associated with fantasy, adventure and comedy then this movie is just for you.

But, is ‘Ponyo’ worth watching?

Yes, it is. I highly recommend that you watch this especially with your younger siblings. I remember watching this with my sister and she really loved every bit of this movie and the movie got her attention the whole time. Though, if you’re not a fan of children’s films and easily get bored of it, I’m not really recommending this movie to you.

Ponyo who’s living underwater with her father and little siblings is quite a curious character, her desire to see the world above her made her meet one of the main characters in the shore which is Sosuke. Sosuke rescued Ponyo and while he was shattering a jar using a rock, he accidentally cut himself.

But, it immediately healed when Ponyo licked the blood off of his fingers. It was not so long when her father finally found Ponyo and tried to bring her back underwater.

But, because of Ponyo’s desire to become a human and live on the land, it caused her to grow legs and arms. This was also triggered because of the blood that she licked off of Sosuke.

When I first watched this film, my first thought during a couple of minutes watching the movie was that it was quite confusing and the scenes seemed a bit fast for me. Like, I really wasn’t sure what was happening, but it all soon made sense after half an hour of watching it.

I honestly really love the art style and Ponyo’s chubby cheeks. Everything in this movie is magical and it also shows the curiosity and bravery of two kids who are off in an adventure.

Ponyo and Sosuke’s friendship are really wholesome throughout the movie, the way that they trust each other and their little scenes together are just cute.

This movie made me feel like I was part of them and everything about it is just fascinating and magical. I highly recommend this movie for you to watch with your siblings or even your children. I’m sure they’ll fall in love with the characters and their personality.

Ponyo Anime
Ponyo Anime


Hayao Miyazaki is the movie’s director and writer, he’s known to have made and directed many ghibli films that gained a lot of popularity such as the “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Spirited Away”.


Ponyo, also called Brunhilde, is one of the main protagonists in the film. She’s a goldfish living under the sea, she has a sea goddess mother and a human father who’s quite overprotective of her. She appears to be a very curious character who also loves adventure.

Ponyo Anime
Ponyo Anime

Sosuke, is one of the main protagonists in the film and Ponyo’s dear friend. Sosuke appears to be a character who’s brave and can stand up for himself and his friends. Throughout the movie, he showed how caring he is as a family member and as a friend at a young age.


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