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Anime Streams are very popular: Why you might like them (Twitch and TikTok)

The anime community is continuously growing until now and one of the reasons why many people like watching anime is because of the character’s visuals and a wide range of relatable personality.

Because of these, there are many sites and apps where people can watch their favorite anime movies and series. One form of watching anime is streaming.

Anime Streams

So, what exactly are anime streams and is it legal?

To those people who aren't quite familiar with the words, anime stream also means that you’re watching anime on a specific platform. An example of that is watching anime series and movies through platforms like Tiktok and Twitch.

However, please take note that streaming anime on any platform is not allowed unless you got permission or you own the copyright to the anime. According to the Streamers Playbook, it’s also alright to stream certain anime and watch it with your viewers via Twitch Watch Parties. But, if you stream outside watch parties they claim that you’ll end up getting suspended for it.