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My Dress Up Darling Anime Review

my dress up darling anime kitagawa waifu

My Dress Up Darling is one of the Hottest New Anime of 2022. Fans are erupting all about Kitagawa Marin as the Number 1 Anime Girl Waifu, overtaking Komi from her seat in late 2021.

This slice of life anime is sweet, cute and awkward all at once and follows the hilarious life of a NEET type Classical Japanese guys with an interest in doll making and some skills in sewing as he meets a HOT classmate that wants to start cosplaying.

They start and awkward connection that blossoms into some more romantic / love later on in the series that reminds us of Kaguya Saya Love is War. It's a classic Anime trope where Awkard Anime Guy can't handle super hot girl who is into him and works on gaining the courage he needs.

Marin's character isn't reserved like traditional Japanese based characters, making her the perfect anti hero to last years Komi from Komi Can't Communicate.

My Dress Up darling quickly became a viral sensation on the internet due to the second episode of season 1, where Marin reveals a sexy bikini and has some sensational scenes that are borderline erotic. The main character struggles to keep his composure and it has audiences reeling with laughter and making tons of memes across social media platforms.

Since he was a little kid the MC Gojo Wakana had found love in his grandpa's traditional hina dolls and aspired to master making them.

The intro music is also a banger, sweet bass guitar if you ask me.

It's a pretty typical high school love anime that's fun and easy to watch. Gojo lives with his Grandpa and apparently his parents are dead. His family household seems very traditional Japan from the cooking, to the tatami floor, to the dolls and even his Keigo Japanese language use and mannerisms.

Gojo has a really hard time making friends and wants to start up conversation but always chickens out because he can't find a common interest to relate with them.

It all changes when Marin literally falls into his life, by falling onto his desk and hitting her head.

She apologizes and notes that she knows his name. Then she notices his ink on his arm and finds out he is an artist and becomes interested in him. Gojo has a habit of staring at her butt in her tiny school skirt.

You can watch My Dress Up Darling here:


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