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What is Anime? Many Adults are Learning That They Also Enjoy Anime

Different kinds of anime series and films have been released for years and it became a sort of entertainment and comfort for the people who have been watching it for a long time.

what is anime?

For those who don’t know Anime is a specific style in cartoons, there are anime that’s produced by Japanese people and other anime films or series that’s Japanese style inspired.

There is a lot more to explore about anime and I suggest that you should give it a shot in exploring the genres and the anime styles further.

Now that you have a basic knowledge about anime, I’d like to give you a fun fact.

what is anime?

According to Right Stuff Anime, the first ever released anime was made by an artist named Shimokawa Oten.

In 1917, the first animated film was released in Japan which was less than five minutes long. The thing that I was really amazed by was when I found out that the animation was only made with chalk, imagine how hard it was to animate things and the long practice that the artist had.

However the film wasn’t preserved because during those times the films are pretty flammable and was destroyed by the bombings in World War II.

what is anime?

Isn’t that pretty sad and amazing at the same time?

If you look back where artists had only used chalk to animate is astounding and now the anime series and films that we really love are now being made digitally and are colorful unlike before which also shows how the world has become modern.

There are many people, especially teens that said that they love watching anime along with the character designs and the personality of the anime characters. But, of course there are also adults who love watching anime in their free time and to also have a stress-free day.

As the world becomes more modern, adults are also curious about what the younger generation likes and one of those is anime.

Many adults, an example of that is my father, learned that anime is quite enjoyable to watch and worth using your free time on.

According to Theo Ellis from Anime Motivation, one of the reasons why adults learned that they enjoy anime is because of the unbeatable comedy and facial expressions that the anime characters are making.

But if you’re still curious why many adults are learning that they also enjoy anime, I have 4 more reasons why:

Epic Animation of Action.

We all know that anime has shown us superb action skills along with the sound effects and picture effects that makes all the character’s moves look much cooler.

There are quite a lot of adults who like action movies and an anime film or a series isn’t an exception. It has been said by Science Samosa that people who like action films and series may have liked the fact that they’re experiencing short term excitement while watching and they also feel like they're with the main characters.

Relatable Characters.

Another thing are the relatable characters, because when you relate to a character you tend to watch more, because you feel understood.

what is anime?

That may be one of the reasons why adults learn that they enjoy anime, it’s because they feel understood and they feel like they aren’t alone.

Anime makes their day better.

Anime really does make our day better not until the main antagonist steps in the game and of course, that’s another thing.

Many people, like adults, learn that they also enjoy anime because it somehow makes their day better. An example of that is the one I mentioned earlier which is the comedy of anime and the character’s expressions will just make you laugh.

So, you probably understand even just a little bit why adults are learning that they enjoy anime right?

Anime serves as their little escape from work.

The last reason is that anime serves as their little escape, especially when they’re having a hard time with work.

This may be because some adults may be finding comfort with the anime they’re watching and they tend to watch it to just temporarily distract themselves from thinking about their bad day.

Now that I’ve given those reasons and have talked about what anime is, maybe it’s time for you to search up another anime film or series that you should add to your list.


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