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What is Anime Season? When do Artists release new anime?

Ah, that fresh feeling of cracking open an Ice cold Preview from your favorite animation studio, your eyes drinking it all in. Each year, we look forward to some big releases that will shape Anime history along with some crap anime that we will watch either for the oppai or to pass the time.

Whether you're excited for a new slice of life, Shonen, or BL anime: Anime Season is here!

anime season
MArin Kitagawa: My Dress Up Darling

anime season
Zero Two Darling in the Franxx

anime season
Mushoku Tensei New Season

anime season

anime season

anime season

As many of us know, Anime refers to a Japanese-style animation and according to John-Michael Bond from Daily Dot that Anime is more popular now than ever.

This is because Anime is much more accessible now than before, because Bond stated that people used to buy VHS tapes before just to get their animation fix, but now we can easily access it digitally or by watching anime in cinemas.

But, of course, a lot of us still are waiting for another season of our favorite anime.

For those people who aren’t quite familiar with Anime Seasons, to explain it simply, season just refers to an individual stretch of a series or series that are just secluded to each other.

There are actually 4 TV seasons in Japan and it’s the following:

  1. Winter season (1st quarter) from January to March.

  2. Spring season (2nd quarter) from April to June.

  3. Summer season (3rd quarter) from July to September.

  4. Fall season (4th quarter) from October to December.

Each anime season is only broadcasted for three months and sometimes it’ll just take for two months, depending on the cour or the episodes of the seasons. Most of the time an anime’s season takes a year or more for them to release another season. I mean considering all the good stuff we’re watching, it’s definitely worth the wait right?

I also noticed that many people are confused with cour and season. Now that we know what an anime season is, let’s now talk about cour just to clear things up.

According to Serdar Yegulalp from Liveabout Dotcom, Cour is a word used to describe how long or how many episodes are there in an anime season.

They also mentioned that, one cour runs for three months, basically core runs for a season and it typically consists of 10 to 14 episodes. For you to understand further here are the equivalent of the cour (there are currently 3 types of cour) :

Single Cour

= A one cour consists of 10 to 14 episodes and this is the most common one in an anime season, I think a single cour is more common because it’s much more suitable for the company and the producers and it gives them time to decide whether they’ll be producing another season and their investments won’t go to waste.

Double Cour

= A two cour consists of 23 to 26 episodes which also means that there are two seasons that’s joined together. An example of a double cour is Winter to Spring.

Split Cour

= A Split cour consists of 23 to 26 episodes as well, but the difference of the split cour to double cour is that split cour from the word itself split has like a division of two seasons. Basically, if the first cour was broadcasted in Winter 2021 and then they announced that the second cour would be in Spring 2022. That’s what a split cour is.

Now, let’s talk about the release date of an anime. When do artists release new anime?

That actually depends on the company and the artist. Sometimes the production of each episode of an anime takes quite a long time to make and according to Justin Sevakis from Anime News Network, an average anime TV series will start within two months or more to complete each episode, but after the anime series is already aired their allotted time for each episode will get shorter and shorter.

Imagine all the frames the artists are making for each and every move of the anime characters we really adore? It’s really astounding to know how much time it usually takes for them to make a single episode.

This is why whatever series you’re currently waiting for, we all know that it’s worth the wait and I know how hard it is to be cliff hanged, but we can always watch another anime or rewatch your favorite series.

Are you waiting for another season of your favorite anime too?


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