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Yuri on Ice (2016) Anime Review | Watch this Anime Free

Ever felt so hopeless for being not good enough?

That’s what Yuri felt when he lost his final figure skating competition, the Grand Prix Final, saying it’s his final skate season; or so he thought.

Yuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old figure skater failed to win in the Grand Prix Final. Claiming that this would be a good time to think about retiring the Figure Skating World, he had almost lost hope. He got home back to his hometown and visited her childhood friend who now manages the Ice Castle Hasetsu.

This Figure Skating Anime is an incredible work of art. Let's review!

Yuri On Ice

Yuri performed the choreography of his Russian Idol Victor Nikiforov and to Yuri’s surprise his video of him performing it was posted and went viral. It went viral that Victor even saw it and decided to coach Yuri in order to regain his love in ice skating.

Yuri Plisetsky, a 15-year-old Russian Figure Skater Prodigy was not in favor of Victor coaching Yuri Katsuki because Victor also once promised that he will coach Yuri Plisetsky. Since both wanted to be coached by Victor, Victor decided to make a choreography and whoever wins he will coach him.

Fortunately, Yuri Katsuki won and Yuri Plisetsky got back to Russia declaring competition to Yuri Katsuki. He’ll take his revenge in the Grand Prix final.

This anime, Yuri on Ice, was released back in 2016 and has 12 episodes.

Tons of fans were waiting for like 7 years now because the Ice Adolescence Movie was not yet released. Yuri On Ice won tons of Awards and MAPPA did a really GREAT job animating this.

This anime has a really solid plans, from the characters up-to the music. It is also said that some of it producers even got to the actual Grand Prix Finals in Russia, just to study the movement of the Figure Skaters.


I really like Yuri Katsuki, specially his determination. Of course in life there will be always ups and downs and I’m super happy he’s able to stand on his feet again.


Yuri On Ice

There’s not doubt its Victor Nikiforov, with his sexy aura and sexy body anyone will simp. Some may also say it would be Yuri Plisetsky, maybe because of his hunk attitude. Actually there still some characters that are simpable! You really need to watch it!


Q: When will the Ice Adolescence be released?

A: Many predicts that it would be released by 2022 or 2023. Since the trailer was released 2020. I’m really patiently waiting for this to be released.

Q: Is Yuri on Ice a BL?

A: It is later confirmed that Yuri on Ice is BL story and hugs the LGBT community. Some may have critics about this but yeah there’s a saying that “why would you be affected by one negative comment when there’s tons of positive review about this.” This is a really good anime actually and greatly made.

Q: Did Yuri Katsuki and Victor Kissed?

A: It may not have showed clearly but it is later confirmed that they kissed in the ice rink.

How Yuri on Ice became one of my favorites?

As I always say, I really love to watch something new and unique genre so I came to watch and fell in love with this anime. The story is really good the animation is well prepared and the songs ahhh it’s the best! And also the Welcome to Madness choreography of Yuri Plisetsky is super pretty aaaaaahhh.

Yuri On Ice

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