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Is MyAnimeList Legit?

Looking for the perfect anime site to watch your favourite anime shows could be really exasperating. Especially if you’re really into one anime series and you just can’t find the best site to watch it from.

When you're done with your homework or just finished dinner and you're ready to take your daily dose of anime shows but unfortunately, you can't find a reliable site to watch the show, it really spoils the moment.

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Makes you want to ask - Where can I watch anime online?

Whether you're looking for a site that's free or a premium one, you just can't find the perfect website to satisfy your hunger for cool anime shows. Luckily, you might just come across the answer you’re looking for as you read below.

Your Holy Grail to the MOST Legal Sites to Watch Anime From

Have you ever heard of MyAnimeList? If not, then this might be the answer to your questions.

MyAnimeList is a site that serves as an anime database providing a list of anime that you can watch or you can discuss and write a review about. It’s just like a social media platform but for animes. The site also has partnerships with various legal anime stream sites such as Crunchyroll, Hulu and HIDIVE, so it’s the perfect portal for you to find legal sites to binge-watch your favourite anime shows.

MyAnimeList is also free to access and does not require any form of membership fee so there is really nothing for you to worry about. As long as you have your internet connection and your device, then you’re good to go!

Now on to the big question - Is MyAnimeList legal?

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Is MyAnimeList Legal?

Yes, absolutely! The site is legit and 100% free and managed by volunteers who want nothing but to share the good news.

MyAnimeList or MAL also provides reliable reviews and rankings so you won't have a hard time choosing which one you should watch first or last. And you can even discuss whichever anime you want to talk about on the site. It's really a great platform to gather insights, as well as let your opinions be known to others.

When was M.A.L. Published?

MyAnimeList was launched on November 5, 2004, by Garrett Gysler and was personally maintained until 2008.

It was previously named as just AnimeList but after two years, he then decided to incorporate the word My to the name of the website, My which was taken from the most popular social networking site at the moment. MySpace.

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Can I Watch Anime Shows on M.A.L.?

Unfortunately, MyAnimeList isn’t somewhere for you to watch your favourite anime sites.

However, since the site has legally partnered with other legit anime watch sites, there are video suggestions that you can find on M.A.L. and once you click on them, you’ll be redirected to their partner sites to watch your favourite anime shows.

Last time checked, there are videos from Crunchyroll that you can watch directly on M.A.L. although that would depend on which country you’re from. Some videos are not available in particular countries.


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