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7 Anime Characters That Just Don't Make Sense

Some Anime Characters really have great design, Character development, witting lines, or amazing powers. This list doesn't include any of those!

Watching anime shows really takes away the stress and pressure from a busy day.

If only we could immerse ourselves in watching anime online or on tv all throughout the entire day. But let’s not talk about that because it would just get us more frustrated.

Let’s talk about something that we would or wouldn’t agree on.

Have you ever noticed some anime characters that are nonsensical?

As you watch anime online, you’ll soon realize that some characters in that show just don't make any sense or there are characters who always cried or needed someone to fight for themselves and depend on. Really draws a question mark in my head. Honestly!

If you watch anime immersively, you will be able to determine which characters just don't make sense.

As you read on, I’ll share with you some of the characters which I think don’t really add up to the series. Are you curious who they are?

Although I’ll have to say SORRY in advance as some of these characters could be your favourites.

7 Anime Characters That Just Don’t Make Sense

#1 Young Haruno Sakura (Naruto)

Watching the first season of Naruto, I really just didn't feel Sakura. If there are any Sakura fans out there reading this right now, sorry.

young sakura haruno

I just felt like this young Sakura is just like any other normal girl, aside from the fact that she's a ninja. She does not have any inner power or clan Jutsu (well, her parents weren't ninjas so, yeah). She was obsessed with Sasuke to the point that she didn't focus on the training, instead, she always daydreamed about life with Sasuke. She also always seems to lead her team to certain danger and always depend on them once they encounter a fight. I don't know. I just don't think her character made sense at the moment (Well, she grew up to be such a fine Shinobi. And very strong as well, so good for her.).

#2. Yajirobe (Dragon ball)

If you're a fan of Dragonball then you may have come across Yajirobe several times. In the series, he is a samurai without a master and spends most of his time in Korin Tower, while delivering Zensu beans to the Z fighters as his main job.

yajirobe dragon ball

I didn't get the sense of how his character was written, really. He is work-shy and instead of training, he only wants to eat "peacefully" and does not want to be disturbed. I couldn't picture how or where his character is going. Like seriously, does he even make sense or what?

#3. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairytail)

If you're a fan of Lucy Heartfilia, then perhaps you would want to skip this number. And just head right on to the next coz I don't want to hurt your feelings. Seriously.

Lucy heartfalia fairy tail anime

Lucy's magic was to summon and talk to celestial spirits from the celestial world and ask them to fight for her. She draws her magic from a key that is used to summon the spirits. It's funny because her magic comes from her key but her key is also her greatest weakness. Without that key, she is powerless which is why in most battles, her opponents aim to get that celestial key to weaken her and render her unable to fight and powerless to summon the spirits. And the funny thing is that she knew that without her key, she is useless and yet, she just leaves it dangling around her neck. Like hey? Tryin' to make it easy for your opponents to defeat you? I didn't think her character made sense, especially in the Grand Magic games episode where she fought with Minerva from the Sabertooth guild. Totally a question mark to me (Or I don't know, maybe I just didn't understand the episode).

#4. Yukiteru Amano (Future Diaries)

He's the kind of character in a series that makes me wanna give a huge smack in the head. An insufferable person who was placed as a contender in some battle Royale and does nothing but always has a complaint.

yukiteu amano anime future diaries

There are times that in his desire to level up his game, he becomes a selfish and violent person and then goes back to being his complaining self again. Got some major issues, dude?

#5. Uiharu Kazari (A Certain Magical Index)

Say you're given a superpower to handle and maintain the temperature of the objects you touch. But there's a catch. You're not immune to excessive heat or cold. So what's the point? And another thing is, the object that works on your power should only be that which could be grasped by your hand.

Kihara Lazaro anime girl a certain magical index

Well, unfortunately, Uiharu Kazari has that "superpower". She's a member of the student law enforcement group. A shy but friendly and kind girl who has the ability Thermal hand which allows her to keep an object at its current temperature but her power won't work if the object is larger than a basketball.

#6. Lazuli

I didn’t really like her character. All she ever did was flirt with other guys while she was with Krillin. Later on, after breaking up with Krillin, she went back saying Krillin was her soulmate. Without her bomb inside her, it's a bit futile, she's pretty weak. Super 17 was a better fighter in the end.

LAzuli android 18

Like seriously, sister? Did your new love interest not work out?

#7. Hacka Dolls

And yes they saved the day! After ruining it first, anyway. They’re defective models who are given weird tasks only for them to fulfill them poorly.

hacka doll 3 anime girl

The only things I like about them are their cute outfits and big b**bies. Oops!


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