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Keijo!!!!!!!! Hip Whip Girl Anime Review

Keijo: Anime Girls in Swimsuits Smashing into each other with their Breasts, Butts, and Faces what's more to love? Seriously, that's about it for the plot of this simpleton Tsundere Anime with Ecchi themes.

Although, I have to say that I did stay all the way until the end and it was because of more than just fan service.

keijo anime girls cast
keijo anime girls cast

Keijo does a great job with both comedy and character development, and boy are these Anime girls developed. Ahem.

Keijo had only one season, it's probably for the best.

Table of Contents

keijo anime cute
keijo anime cute

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was Keijo Hip Whip Girl Anime Cancelled?

A: It was cancelled by the publisher because of bad quality and low views.

Q: Is Keijo a real sport?

A: No, it's a fictional sport created for the anime. However, fans in Portugal have created a real life sport in honor of the animation.

Q: What is Keijo Anime Based on?

A: The Keijo Anime (Xebec) was based on the 18 Volume Manga created by Daichi Sorayami. It has connections to Sumo, Japans National Sport.

keijo hip whip girl anime battle
keijo hip whip girl anime battle

The Plot

Keijo is about a Sumo type sports game played by college age girls that is televised and popular in this Anime universe. The object of the game is an intense battle to knock the opponent off of a platform and into the water without using your hands or feet.

There are no super powers but this one girl appears and is able to knock out opponents with a swift untraceable butt strike to the jaw. It gets a little stupid to be honest, butt... sorry... but it's still entertaining enough to watch the whole way through.

Character development and introduction of characters is done well, and we see some good pacing. The Main Character reminds me of a female version of Hinata from Haikyu in that see wants to be the best and will do anything to get there, but also lacks the skill at first.

keijo hip whip girl anime ecchi
keijo hip whip girl anime ecchi

The MC has natural talent, but quickly realizes that in order to play in the big leagues she is going to have to put in some serious work and use quick judgement.

Some Naruto like themes are used, where the main character is able to foresee an incoming butt attack and stop it with her face in just episode one. She also does a silly attack by gripping with her boobs and throwing. It's pretty punch drunk dumb comedy with fan service, I'll admit that I hate myself for liking it.

The Characters

keijo hip whip girl anime girls
keijo hip whip girl anime girls

Nozomi Kaminashi.

The Main Character who wants to be the Olympic champion and win the most money to fix her life. She has a background in gymnastics so she has some cool moves that help her get a thigh up, sorry leg up, on the competition.

Sayaka Miyata.

A former Judo Champion and fan favorite, the news crews are all over her with attention and she is also beautiful. She happens to be the best friend of the main character, Nozomi. Her parents dislike leaving Judo for this new sport, but she proves to have the greatest speed and hip throws.

Kazane Aoba

A Hiroshima native is someone who was born and raised in the city. She keeps a low profile until the final hip toss endurance test due to her shame about her accent. Her ponytail moves in reaction to hearing her name or being filled with emotion. Her right hand is extremely sensitive, and she uses it to duplicate her opponents' abilities by feeling their buttocks. Scanning Hand is the name she gives to her ability. Furthermore, she is a strategist who used her allies' unique abilities in the East West War as the situation demanded. As a source of knowledge, she loves reading Keijo Magazine. She performs it as a form of counter-punching. She is the only one in the bunch who is dressed in a scarf. Her hair is brown, as are her eyes.

Toyoguchi Non

An wannabe socialite from a small town. She is able to resurrect her village since it is devoid of humans. Because of her super-soft buttocks and breasts, she can absorb and reflect hits. She still has a lot of stumbling to do. It doesn't end there; if she's not paying attention, she'll wear Miyata's bra and underpants, as well as her entrance dress backwards. Nozomi misunderstands her because she, like Kazane, has an unusual accent.

keijo hip whip girl anime jump
keijo hip whip girl anime jump

Hanabi Kawai

hanabi kawai keijo hip whip girl anime
hanabi kawai keijo hip whip girl anime

A member of the Elite Class. She didn't make any friends until she joined keijo since she was always viewed as a sports prodigy. She's all smiles and no stress while she's out playing on the Land. She hits with the intention of shocking her opponent's brain by hitting their jaw. Her eyes take on a cross-like glitter as she joins. This is how she fights. Her hair and eyes are a light purple color.

Mio Kusakai

A lesbian and a gamer with Elite Class Rank 1. She's a cheerful young girl who has a soft spot for Nozomi. Her opponents are rendered immobile as she swings her breasts like a pendulum. It was later made illegal in the classroom. She employs the Infighter combat method. She has sparkling blue eyes in addition to her blonde hair.

Rin Rokudo

A Second-Range Elite Class member. She initially wins the title in Western Japan, sparking a rivalry with Sayaka in the process. She is a former swimmer with a larger lung capacity and the ability to run at a fast speed for lengthy periods of time without stopping to regain her breath. Her favorite technique is Butt Gattling. When she engaged in keijo, her hair would flare up and resemble cat ears. Her nickname is "Rinrin," which refers to her small stature and cat-like appearance. Her fighting style is outfighter. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is short and blue.

keijo hip whip girl anime battle
keijo hip whip girl anime battle

Yuko shima

The Western world's most renowned educator. She delegated keijo-related responsibilities to the girls. As a pre-workout and hip-toss with the beach ball. In the second episode, she used her amazing speed to knock all four students off the ground during a test. Her hair is long and blue, as are her eyes.

Nagisa Ujibe

In the past, she was one of the original prize queens known as the Alluring Siren. In the present, Nozomi's teacher. Vacuum Butt Cannon is a tactic she has used previously, and she is aware of the risks. She provides Nozomi the UTMs before offering them to her top class in preparation for the East-West War. She holds a grudge towards the chief teacher of the East keijo training school. She now has orange hair and eyes, and she weighs more than she did when she was a teenager.

In Japanese, "Miku" simply means "Miku."

He is one of the teachers in the West. Despite her outward look, she is a great teacher. Her eyes are unknown, but she has long blonde hair.

Fujisaki Kotone

This is a Class 4 Elite Class. She was born into an athletic household and had a natural knack for the game. However, she regards keijo as nothing more than a job until she participates in it for the first time. She attacks with her back to them, using the Land's vibrations to detect and predict their every move. Her buttocks radiate a dog-like aura and appear to hone in on their intended target with amazing precision, as if on cue. When she isn't engaging, she listens to tales about homosexual men on her headphones, giving her opponents the appearance that she is uninterested in the subject. She employs the Infighter combat method. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is short and blue.

keijo hip whip girl anime girls kissing
keijo hip whip girl anime girls kissing

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