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Anime Meme Soup for The Weeb Soul

@theanimeblogdotcom Anime Memes Sakura Haruno Funny
@theanimeblogdotcom Anime Memes

I've decided I'm going to make a shitpost full of Anime Memes for the boys and keep it updated periodically. If you'd like original submissions included, send them to our email and I'll filter them. Basically if I laugh, then you make the cut and I'll post your meme and credit to the author.

You'll probably get a couple new cultured followers and maybe even a waif out of it.

Table of Contents

Top Anime Memes From Reddit

We all knew that one girl who came to school in basically cosplay every day and everyone thought she was weird. I watched a TON of Anime and Manga but played sports and had "normal" friends and we talked about normal things.

You weren't weird for liking manga and anime, you were weird for making it your personality and being cringe.

Anyways, do your bad thing and go little rockstar, nyan!

Squid game was actually really good IMO. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't creative enough for a lot of the characters to figure out ways to cheat the system. However this meme hits hard, akin to superman fans everyone thinks Goku is the strongest. Even if you bring up Saitama from One Punch, they won't hear it.

Technically, a strong character that can time travel could sabotage trunks' space ship and then Goku would die. Saiki from Saiki K would be my number one choice to beat Goku TBH. #getwrecked

I'm a Sakura fan, I always rooted for the girl. There's just something so human about her and how she has to try and keep up with literal super heroes.

Imagine being a little ninja and you can throw shuriken and do some basic espionage tactics and you look over and this dude is blowing giant fireballs across a lake. Like what?

Then you train as hard as you can and learn to gather your chakra into your feet and walk up trees and across water and you're so proud, so you go to show the boys to impress them. Then you see this kid make like 45 real ass copies of himself and try to climb this tree.

I'm surprised this poor girl has any sanity left at all.

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Funniest Anime Memes From Twitter

Silly Anime Memes From Instagram

Japanese Anime Memes That I Don't Quite Understand

Top Anime Memes From Tumblr

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