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Horimiya Anime Review

Horimiya is an Anime based on a web comic beloved by many and there's a good chance you will too. The art looks really great in this anime and this high school drama contains cute romance and growing up slice of life tones.

Teenagers trying to figure out who they are, social norms, and falling in love. A good girl falls for a bad boy, and they find out they have a ton in common!

Horimiya is a great release by clover works studio and I also really like Tokyo 24th Ward by them.

horimiya anime review


Ever encounter someone whose opposite from you?

Well Hori did.

Kyoko Hori, the typical popular girl in her school met a gloomy and not so attractive guy (pretty much in school) Izumi Miyamura.

Their fateful encounter started when Hori’s brother Souta Hori fell down and his nose was bleeding, Miyamura had seen Souta and took him home, and that’s where Miyamura found out that Kyoko looks rather plain when inside the house, it’s actually also the same for Kyoko when she saw all the piercing in Miyamura’s face.

Both agree to not talk about what they seen that day and Kyoko told Miyamura that he can always come to her house since Souta looks up to him. This relationship continued up until both realizes their own feelings and soon enough become couple. Everyone knows how Kyoko’s attached to Miyamura, same goes to Miyamura.

For some who doesn’t know Horimiya stand for Letter from Hori to Miya. Horimiya is not actually just about Kyoko and Miyamura, There’s tons of couple’s you’ll see in some episodes.

Horimiya has a total of 13 Episodes and you can watch it also in Bili-bili. This is a light and typical highschool romance anime with a comedy and fruity twist. This is an anime open for pretty much everyone. You should definitely watch it.


Personally for me I’d go with Akane Yanagi, he’s pretty similar with Miyamura and he has a nice personality. That soft and sharp type of guy.


Izumi Miyamura, Akane Yanagi, these two are Pretty handsome and Pretty similar to each other.


How did Horimiya become one of my favorites?

This became one of my favorites maybe because I love how the animation expresses the emotions of each character. This is the type of anime you’ll definitely watch when you’re bored and wants something cute and adorable serotonin vibe. Every episode is so preciously cute and will give you comedy and fun vibe.

Where to Watch Horimiya?

If you enjoy Horimiya consider picking up a copy of the manga! It's so good!

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