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Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime: Can you spot the difference?

There are many anime shows and movies that we can watch on different streaming platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll and Hulu.

All of the anime shows there are mixed with different producers in different countries. An example of that is a Japanese anime and a Chinese anime.

Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime
Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the two? I’ve encountered a lot of people who have asked me what’s the difference between the two. So, I’ll be talking more about that in this blog. Will you be able to spot the differences?

But since a lot of people know what a Japanese anime is already, what's Chinese anime?

Japanese anime and Chinese anime aren’t that different from each other, Chinese anime is originally called Donghua if it refers to the making of adaptation of a Chinese Manhua. Most of the anime there are connected to the culture of China.

An example of that is its folklore.

The Donghua in the picture is called “Mo Dao Zu Shi” and as you can see from the cover photo, their outfit also shows the culture outfit of China which is ‘Hanfu’. Basically, Chinese anime is produced in China and there are also anime movies and series that’s mostly connected to their culture and beliefs.

Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime
Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there isn't much difference between the two animations produced by the two different countries.

The only thing you may notice is that Chinese anime is mostly connected to the culture mixed with fantasy animations.

One of the things that I also noticed when I began watching Donghuas is that it gives off the 90s Japanese anime vibes which I really loved. Also, there are a lot of Manhua adaptations that you will encounter when you begin watching a Chinese anime.

Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime
Japanese Anime vs. Chinese Anime

However, as for the anime style and graphics, you can’t actually see the difference between the two since Japanese anime also has a wide range of anime styles.

Chinese anime until now is improving and I believe that both of the animations made by Japan and China shouldn’t be compared since both shine in their own way.

The only difference that you can notice between the two is mostly the contents of the anime series, like in China you can mostly see that their animations are related to their culture. As for Japanese anime, it actually covers more topics than in Chinese anime.

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