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Wixoss Anime English Trading Card Game: What is it + How to Play!

I lived in Japan briefly in 2016 and fell in love with Wixoss Trading Cards. While visiting Akihabara with shops like Hobby Japan, Mandarake, and Akiba Tower I would see cute Moe girl characters, dressed in battle outfits with amazingly beautiful art.

Despite the lack of furigana on the cards, I bought up a sizable collections and cracked oped some booster boxes.

Worse yet, I started a project of painstakingly translating each of my cards into English. Fears had risen that I'd never have friends to play this awesome card game with.

wixoss tcg English cards

Rejoice my Otaku brethren, Wixoss has officially release an English version of the card game and we're going to dive into why it's better than the good anime and how to play.

Wixoss Anime

The Wixoss Anime has several seasons and follows some girls that become "Selectors" who battle using magical fighters known as "LRIG". There's a few different themes out there, some cute like becoming the Top Diva in the game, the other much darker and deadly. For fans of shows like YuGiOh and Death Note, it somewhat pairs the two.

The Anime Name is a shortened conjunction of Wish Across, and the girls battle each other with powerful avatars stored inside trading cards in order to get their wishes granted. However, if they lose 3 battles their wish is actually reversed into a curse that will most likely ruin their life.

For example, you are a selector and wish to be the richest person on earth but lose three Wixoss fights, now you're doomed to be the poorest person, begging for money on the streets and sleeping in a cardboard box under the bridge.

wixoss tcg English cards

Warner Bros had even picked up the Film for Selector Destructed in 2016.

You can watch this awesome anime at Crunchyroll.

Wixoss Trading Card Game TCG English

Wixoss is finally a card game printed in English! Starting in late 2021 we received Interlude Diva box sets based on the Diva Live series that CrunchyRoll is streaming alongside the Japan release. Takara Tony has been printing the Card Game in Japanese since 2014, and you can finally play in English! Check one of these stores near you for official product and to partake in events!

Reddit Users at r/wixoss pretty much exploded with Joy when the official announcement hit twitter.

Card Addicts AL

2015 Valleydale Road, Suite 4 Birmingham AL 35244

Izzy's Comics

2801 Lurleen B Wallace Blvd, suite 6 Northport, AL 35476


3415 S McClintock Dr, #111 Tempe AZ 85282

Otaku Nation

2900 E Broadway Blvd # 134 Tucson, AZ 85716

Game Corner

​857 S Lark Ellen Ave Azua CA 91702

Turn Zero Games

3959 Wilshire Blvd STE A-9 Los Angeles CA 90010

The Arcane Lab

​1636 Canal St Merced CA 95340

Quest Comic Shop

​225 Lovvorn Road Carrolton GA 30117-3617

Ideal 808

650 Iwilei Road, Unit 120 Honolulu HI 96817

Black Dog

​1901 50TH ST, Suite C Lubbock TX 79402

The Game Capital

​805 Main Avenue De Pere WI 54115

Silk Road gaming

30 Mott St. Ground Flr. New York NY 10013

How to Play Wixoss

wixoss tcg English cards

To play Wixoss you'll shuffle your Black Deck separately from your white one.

Select one White LRIG level 0 card and play it face down out front.

Then set aside the White card deck and draw 5 cards from the black Wixoss deck. You may Mulligan once if preferred, meaning you can keep any amount of your cards from the first draw, shuffle the ones you don't want into the deck and draw that many back equalling five.

It's a good idea to aim for a hand containing level 1 type cards early game.

Next, place the top 7 cards of your black Wixoss deck face down horizontally, called "Life Cloth". This is similar to the prize mechanism in Pokemon TCG, except when you take direct damage you will lose these cards. When you lose them all, the game is over.

Starting your turn you'll uncap any cards from the pervious turn.

During draw phase of this game you get to draw 2 cards. The very first turn of player one is a disadvantage with only 1 card draw. Then you perform Enercharge, which means placing any one card into the Enerzone that acts as a resource stock for the rest of the game.

The next step is the Grow phase where you can take a level card of your chosen LRIG card from the white Wixoss deck and level up your LRIG in play. You'll pay the energy cost to do so, but typically at Level 1 the cost is 0.

In the main phase, you can play spells and signi cards. You'll need to pay any costs located in the top left corner of the card, some are zero. Each card can do different things depending on the card text.

Aside from turn one, you may also play a Main phase art if you have the energy to place it.

Some are draw support, others mill, etc. Once the card effect is completed you must discard it into the trash pile.

Next, you can place down a number of signi that act as blockers equal to the limit number in the upper left corner of your LRIG. It's just under the main Cost number.

You signi must also not exceed the level of your current LRIG in play.

You can then attack, unless it's turn one. You can choose where to attack in this game unlike Magic the Gathering. You have a signi attack step, and then an additional LRIG attack step. Allowing you to attack up to 4 times in one turn. If your opponent has an empty lane, then you may "crush" one of their life cloth and they will remove that card, flip it over into the check zone and play any flip effects (life burst) it may have.

Apply then effect then discard the card into the trash. If the card says enercharge 1, you'll take the top card of your deck and place it into the resource pile.

The LRIG attack bypasses the signi and attacks the life cloth directly. In order to block, you must play a [GUARD] card from your hand.


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