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What Are The Best Anime On Netflix?

Netflix definitely has some Bops and some fails. We've seen epic works like Violet Evergarden, Your Name, Kakegurui, A Silent Voice, Sword Art Online, Japan Sinks and The Great Pretender. Netflix is constantly buying up rights to new titles but for me, they fall low on the list compared to Crunchyroll or Hulu.

Side Note: The worst anime I've ever seen is from Netflix titled "Cagaster of an Insect Cage".

Recently, Netflix has been providing us with interesting things to watch or look out for. People often choose to stream through Netflix partly because it allows users to watch with no commercials, and they’re super easy to use.

Netflix provides a wide array of things to watch. One of these is anime. Yes, you can watch the best anime on Netflix. They’re free and all you need are your device, an internet connection and membership from Netflix.

Since it's 2022 already, it’s time for you to watch some of the best anime shows on Netflix. I’ve put together a list of anime series and shows for you to enjoy in your free time.

What Are The Best Anime On Netflix?

You’re probably itching to watch some anime on Netflix right now.

Personal Favorite that ignores the rankings: Komi Can't Communicate

Want a super cute, lighthearted Rom Com?