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What Are The Best Anime On Netflix?

Netflix definitely has some Bops and some fails. We've seen epic works like Violet Evergarden, Your Name, Kakegurui, A Silent Voice, Sword Art Online, Japan Sinks and The Great Pretender. Netflix is constantly buying up rights to new titles but for me, they fall low on the list compared to Crunchyroll or Hulu.

Side Note: The worst anime I've ever seen is from Netflix titled "Cagaster of an Insect Cage".

Recently, Netflix has been providing us with interesting things to watch or look out for. People often choose to stream through Netflix partly because it allows users to watch with no commercials, and they’re super easy to use.

Netflix provides a wide array of things to watch. One of these is anime. Yes, you can watch the best anime on Netflix. They’re free and all you need are your device, an internet connection and membership from Netflix.

Since it's 2022 already, it’s time for you to watch some of the best anime shows on Netflix. I’ve put together a list of anime series and shows for you to enjoy in your free time.

What Are The Best Anime On Netflix?

You’re probably itching to watch some anime on Netflix right now.

Personal Favorite that ignores the rankings: Komi Can't Communicate

Want a super cute, lighthearted Rom Com?

The list I’m about to share is not just some anime. These are by far the best anime shows on Netflix right now! Ones that you can not afford to miss.

Demon Slayer has slowly been recognized by anime lovers since its release in 2019 and became a powerhouse. Streamers find it highly addictive with its use of classical action and stories about family bonds, friendship and the classic good versus evil.

demon slayer hatsura fan art

There are plenty of animes out there with similar genres. Inuyasha, Bleach, Black Clover, to name a few. But in spite of the fact that the selection is almost endless, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba still managed to make it to the top and made an excellent addition to Netflix’s rapidly expanding collection of anime shows.

The great thing about the series is that although most elements are similar to other demon-slaying anime shows, for reasons I can not explain (not that I can’t, I just can’t find the words that would justify how fantastic the series is), the show is really enjoyable and it also has great visuals and well-executed action scenes.

Netflix really made an excellent choice in adding Demon Slayer into its expanding library. It’s a series that you shouldn’t miss. Oh and I forgot to mention. The series can sometimes make your stomach ache (because some episodes are just too funny).

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (2015)

The world has finally reached a certain level of civilization where disagreements, conflicts and arguments are settled through battling it out in the kitchen. Well, that is the case in Tōtsuki Culinary Academy.

food wars fan art

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma is another anime series that you MUST watch. Not only is the storyline great, the effects and animations in the series really make you feel like you can actually taste the delectable foods.

My mouth waters each time Yukihira Soma and Erina Nakiri present a dish in a food war. The way the protagonists creates a bond with every character is really astonishing.

Food Wars is a personal favourite and I’ve managed to watch 3 seasons already. What I can say? There was never an episode that bore me. If you haven’t watched it yet, now is a perfect time.

Hunter x Hunter

Although the series has long aired, you can still watch it on Netflix.

It follows the story of a young boy, Gon Freecs, who wish to become a legendary Hunter just like his dad.

hunter x hunter fan art

He made friends with a few other aspiring Hunters and together, they went through rigorous training and challenges to achieve their goals.

I watched the entire series and I can say that I’m really pleased with it.

Although I just have to say, the series is a bit of a cliffhanger.

I’ve made some research and it turns out, the creator of the series had some medical issues so they had to cancel the show.

But overall, it’s really worth spending your time on.

I wouldn’t wanna mess around a guy who carries a black notebook with him. I don’t wanna take risks. Seriously.

death note fan art

Well, anime enthusiasts know absolutely a thing or two about the series. I mean it’s been the talk of the town in 2006. And finally, Netflix has decided to add the series in 2017 to its threshold of superb anime shows and until now, anime fans are still thrilled to watch or rewatch the series.

It follows the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who found a sketchy notebook that belonged to a Shinigami called Ryuk. The notebook gave its user the ability to eliminate anyone whose name is written on the pages of the notebook.

The series is by far one of the most tremendous anime of all time. It contains a unique and entrancing story that is rarely seen in most anime shows. I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate this series

With Netflix’s constant desire to deliver quality and interesting content to its members, surely you will find some things that could pique your interest and probably consume your time as well. When it comes to deeply riveting shows, Netflix is sure to not disappoint.



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