Violet Evergarden Anime Series Review: Is it worth watching? (Espanol & English)

A war writer with metal hands copes with mental instability in a post war haze. No seriously. This Anime has a beautifully composed soundtrack, crisp and attractive art, a unique plot and 110% emotion.

It's a story of a girl who was raised from a baby as a soldier whose only purpose was to kill. She gets her arms blown off and fitted with metal prosthetics, and a robot plays back her father figure / Majors final words "I love you".

violet evergarden love story with major
violet evergarden love story with major

It's a bit messed up to be honest. This is definitely an Anime that will mess with your heart and mind in the best ways. It's a mini series that's easy to binge watch, so have a go at it, ne?

Reseña de Violet Evergarden en español

Violet Evergarden nos presenta la historia de una chica joven que fue entrenada para ser una máquina de defensa y de matar soldados enemigos durante la guerra.

Durante algunas batallas y entrenamientos superados de parte de esta joven, tiempo después ella es regalada al sujeto que le enseñara a escribir, leer y la cuidara como si fuera cualquier otra persona normal o incluso la considera como alguien de su familia.

A este sujeto lo conoceremos en la historia como Mayor Bouganville y es el que le coloca el nombre de Violet y es el que la envía a la casa de los Evergarden los cuales le dan su apellido.

violet evergarden metal hands
violet evergarden metal hands

Tiempo después empieza a estudiar para graduarse como una Auto Memories Dolls las cuales se encargan de escribir cartas donde deben de transmitir los sentimientos y palabras de sus clientes en una o varias cartas esto es un trabajo en donde podremos apreciar varios paisajes hermosos e historias distintas en cada episodio del anime.

Si estás en la búsqueda de un anime relajante no solo por su animación y paisajes sino también por su banda sonora que te envuelve en el ambiente que está transcurriendo el episodio.

violet evergarden letters written and memories
violet evergarden letters written and memories

Mientras estaremos observando la evolución de Violet donde irá obteniendo nuevos sentimientos y emociones y sobre todo buscará el significado del amor.

Review of Violet Evergarden in English

Violet Evergarden presents us with the story of a young girl who was trained to be a defense machine and kill enemies soldiers during the war, during some battles and surrounding workouts from this young man, then she is given to the subject who taught to write, read and take care of it as if it were any other normal person or even considers it as someone from their family.

This subject will be known in history as Bouganville and is the one who places him the name of Violet and is the one that He sends it to the house of the Evergarden which give his surname.

violet evergarden realistic art
violet evergarden realistic art

Some time later begins to study to graduate as a self memories dolls which are responsible for writing letters where they should transmit the feelings and words of their customers in one or several letters.

This is a job where we can appreciate several beautiful landscapes and different stories in Each episode of anime.

If you are looking for a relaxing anime not only for your animation and landscapes but also by your soundtrack that envelops you in the environment that is passing the episode, while we will be observing the evolution of Violet where you will get new Feelings and emotions and above all will seek the meaning of love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Violet Evergarden Worth Watching?

A: Yes. It's a short but great emotional mini drama with great art. Most people review it highly according to 95% by Netflix.

Q: Is Violet Evergarden a Sad Anime?

A: Yes. Many would classify this emotional Anime as sad, maybe even as a tragedy. It has plenty of moments that might make you cry.

Q: Why is Violet Evergarden so Popular?

A: Violet Evergarden has won the hearts of many Anime fans for it's stunning animation and film score. The emotional detriment and character building of the Main character is unique and thrilling.

violet evergarden brutal war anime
violet evergarden brutal war anime

Where can I watch Violet Evergarden?

You can watch Violet Evergarden Here.



Pirated Sites (I don't recommend this option)