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Kaguya Sama Love is War Anime Review & Resena en Espanol

Kaguya Sama love is war is an anime that really touched my heart. My cold dead unfeeling heart that is only filled with ecchi and sword fighting anime. This beautiful Anime was able to break past the barrier of Demon Tropes, Giant Mecha and Space, and Tons of Isekai full of Bid Tiggies to truly warm my heart and give me peace.

Seriously though I loved this Anime, and it's a work of art.

kaguya Kama love is war

The writing is just SO GOOD! It's so rare to find a gem amongst the mid these days and for an especially crap year for Anime, Kaguya Sama Love is War is a big winner for me.

Kaguya Sama Love is war is a hilarious battle of the sexes where two people are trying to make the other confess first.

Anime Thoughts

The story is about a feud between two extremely smart students who are competing in just about everything. They want the best grades on tests, the most popularity, and for some reason it drives them to absolutely despise each other.

Cutting in to say that the theme song, OP is just so cute and fun. What a great job all around.

It's announced that we are getting a season 3! If you've been following the manga, the absolute boner killer that is season 2's cliff hanger ending was brutal.

All in All this Anime is super cute and very funny. One of the few Anime that has me actually laughing out loud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old is Kaguya?
A: 17. She is a senior in High School.

Q: How Old is Chika Fujiwara?
A: 17. She is a senior in High School.

Q: Is Kaguya Sama Good?
A: Kaguya Sama Love is War is an excellent choice for Romantic Comedy Anime and is one of the best anime released in a decade for this category.

Anime Review

Wow, this anime is so much fun to watch, and you'll definitely binge straight through without a break to breathe. It's a love story about an unlikely couple competing for class president status who keep up airs that they hate each other even though they are secretly madly in love!

It's a game of who will confess first!

Kaguya and Shirogane play cat and mouse in a series of games that make the other look less dignified, in order to "win a round". With the shows commentary it becomes a very funny and fun show. Each episode is paced very well making it easy to watch.


Miyuki Shirogane

Shirogane is our main character who loves Kaguya Sama deeply, and he strived to become her equal in school and earn her respect.

Miyuki Shirogane Kaguya Sama
Will Kaguya and Miyuki get married?

He became the student council president of Shuchiin Academy and is a devoted student, a hard worker and somewhat of a dictator when it comes to leading his classmates. Shirogane is best friends with Yu Ishigami and enjoys anime in addition to his love of reading and his part time job.

Shirogane is a helpless case when it comes to romance and he is terrified of his love interest Kaguya looking down on him. Miyuki is a very kind person and generous despite being a manipulative and strategic individual throughout the series.

Kaguya Shimomiya

Kaguya was elected as the Vice President in a close running in her third year of high school against her rival and LOVE INTEREST, Miyuki Shirogane.

kaguya shimomiya

Kaguya has stunning beauty, comes from a wealthy family, and is known for being unfeeling and cold around school. She's actually just a bit shy and prideful, and was raised in a strict household. She develops into a cuter character through the series and is best friends with her maid Ai Hayasaka and her schoolmate Chika Fujiwara.

Kaguya is rather innocent and sheltered, and is also manipulative and cunning to get what she wants.

Chika Fujiwara

Chika is a fun and lighthearted character that acts as a sidekick to both Kaguya and Miyuki.

chika fujiwara

She is a klutz and a ditz and basically accidentally causes havoc all the time with her crazy antics. Chika acts simpleminded but is extremely talented in so many things and becomes the comic relief of the show, she also has giant oppai which are used as a joke often. Chika is obsessed with "love" and devises her own plans to play matchmaker.

Ai Hayasaka

Ai Hayasaka is the maid to Kaguya Simomiya and is super devoted to serving Kaguya and carrying out her missions. She might even be in love with Kaguya some would speculate.

ai hayasaka

She's kind of cold towards others and is the protection of stability in the series that balances out Chika Fukiwara's chaos.

Yu Ishigami

Yu Ishigami is best friends to Miyuki and the treasurer of the student council by force. Ishigami is somewhat of an otaku and loves to play video games, but used to be very athletic and muscular. He is mostly shunned by other students at school due to a previous incident (spoilers).

yu ishigama
Yu describes the anime perfectly here.

Ishigami is often awkward and speaks in a monotone voice in long rants, to which many characters ignore and walk away during them. Ishigami's character is certainly tragic but somehow adoring, and we are rooting for him! He is a bit of a social outcast but is very devoted to his friends.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Reseña en Español

Kaguya Sama nos presenta la historia de Shinomiya Kaguya hija de una familia adinerada la cual tiene como único objetivo que el presidente del consejo estudiantil Miyuki Shirogane le declare sus sentimientos amorosos o tal vez podría pasar lo contrario.

En la primera temporada nos encontramos con una Shinomiya mas fria y seria pero esto irá cambiando a lo largo del anime y poco a poco iremos conociendo mas y mas personajes de este anime algunos con muchas más apariciones y carisma que otros.

Sin embargo en la segunda temporada todos tienen una aparición casi igual pero manteniendo el carisma que la temporada anterior y dios sabe que nos traerá esta tercera temporada.

Un anime de comedia y romance con algunas escenas un tanto molestas de algunos personajes, declaraciones de amor por donde voltees y todo tratándose como una guerra haber quien se declara primero, como en todo anime de comedia romántica siempre tenemos un capítulo de fuegos artificiales un poco distinto a los demás.

Con unos Openings que te harán bailar y una animación hermosa, con un Ova lleno de fanservice y con una tercera temporada para el 2022 muy esperada por sus fans, que esperas para ver quien se declara primero, será Shinomiya o Miyuki.

Estaremos atentos a su tercera temporada. Honestamente creo que Kaguya Sama es un anime que me hecho reir con algunas escenas que me han encantado y sobre todo le he tomado algo de afecto a sus personajes y sobretodo me han encantado ambos opening tanto como el de la primera como el de la segunta temporada para mi fueron unas obras maestras.

Muy recomendable para todo aquel que busque una comedia romántica que segun yo nunca esta mal y si tienes una pareja que le gusta el anime o tal vez no, pues tal vez les guste este anime.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War Review in English

Kaguya Sama presents us the story of Shinomiya Kaguya daughter of a wealthy family whose sole objective is that the president of the student council Miyuki Shirogane declares his love feelings or perhaps the opposite could happen.

In the first season we meet a Shinomiya colder and more serious but this will change throughout the anime and little by little we will get to know more and more characters of this anime, some with many more appearances and charisma than others.

However in the second season all have an almost equal appearance but maintaining the charisma that the previous season and God knows that this third season will bring us.

A comedy and romance anime with some somewhat annoying scenes of some characters, declarations of love wherever you turn and everything being treated as a war, there is whoever declares love first.

As in all romantic comedy anime we always have a fireworks chapter a little different from the others.

With some Openings that will make you dance and a beautiful animation, with an Ova full of fanservice and with a third season for 2022 highly anticipated by its fans, what are you waiting to see who declares first, it will be Shinomiya or Miyuki, we will be attentive to their third season.

I honestly think that Kaguya Sama is an anime that made me laugh with some scenes that I have loved and above all I have taken some affection for its characters and above all I have loved both opening as much as the first and the second season.

For me they were masterpieces, highly recommended for anyone looking for a romantic comedy that according to me is never wrong and if you have a partner who likes anime or maybe not, then maybe they like this anime.


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