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What is Anime PFP?

Q: What is Anime PFP?

A: Anime Profile Picture.

Our profile picture can really tell something about ourselves and the things that we like. Have you seen your friends put something funny or very attractive in their profile picture that’s not their face, but a 2D character?

anime pfp
anime pfp

People call that an anime pfp or to make it longer it’s an anime profile picture. If that’s still not clear enough for you and you still have confusions regarding what an anime pfp is and why do people use it, then I suggest for you to keep on reading.

So, we all know that anime is considered to be a specific style of cartoon and not only the younger generations are watching it now to make themselves entertained, but also the older generations.

But, we can’t ignore the fact that there’s some people, mostly in the older generations, who aren't quite familiar with the term ‘Anime Pfp’.

So, what exactly is Anime Pfp?