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I Fell In Love With My Tutor And Woke Up In A Strategy Game Review

If you like light novels and Isekai, this might be a find for you! I was browsing the Kindle Vella section and came upon a brand new series that started. It's an ongoing series so the author Kotaru Uda is going to be uploading new chapters every Saturday per his post on Twitter.

I Fell In Love With My Tutor and Woke Up Inside A Strategy Game Light Novel Cover
I Fell In Love With My Tutor and Woke Up Inside A Strategy Game

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Light Novel Review

The light novel is pretty cute and it starts out building and familiarizing the main character from the very beginning. We learn that he's a jock who only loves practicing Kendo and is a total hot head. He's not exactly dumb, but everyone looks down on him for failing his Kanji classes because well, his name is Kanji.

He is the best Kendo player in Japan and is obsessed with everything samurai. He loves to play a mobile app called Raijinbuushi and ends up getting stuck in it eventually.

His parents aren't big fans of Kendo, but his dad's boss is. Everyone kind of gangs up on the kid and gives him the ultimatum that he has to master Kanji or be kicked from the Kendo team. With Nationals only 6 weeks away, crunch time is on.

Plot twist, they've hired a tutor. What's more is she is super beautiful and they will be spending an hour alone together in Kanjis room every night to study. He isn't great around girls and immediately falls in love.

After fumbling around and having some super unfortunate bumping into Tomoe his tutor. She literally smacks him into another dimension, the video game that he plays. How is this possible? Nobody knows, and I'm not sure that's the point.

However the major twist is that Kanji can't seem to control his own body in this Anime game. Despite being a master at the game and one of the top 10 players on the leaderboard since it's release, he has to rely on a girl who has NEVER played a game before to help him defeat the game and return to the real world.

This isekai seems unique because it's more of a traditional MMORPG like Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem where the player behind the screen has to strategize and plan the movements of the character in advance.

I definitely recommend reading it for free!


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