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Konosuba Anime Review | Top Isekai Anime of our Generation and Why You Need to Watch It

Konosuba Update! There is now a mobile game made by Nexon to play while we wait on new anime episodes. Right now there's 25 published books for the Konosuba series and more to come. Kodokawa Pictures was in charge of the cinema releases for the series of light novels to be adapted.

Getting Chased by Giant Toads might be above your Current level if you're killing slimes in Konosuba
Getting Chased by Giant Toads might be above your Current level if you're killing slimes in Konosuba

Isekai themes are as old as time, and being able to fight boss level spirits reminds me of xxxHolic.

This story is a light hearted Isekai about a total loser who dies and is reincarnated into a different dimension that is basically an MMORPG. The goddess aqua that he meets in the afterlife explains the rules of the new dimension and offers him help with super powered weapons or a special ability. However the main character is a pervy loser, and chooses the goddess to accompany him on his journey through the world.

The premise of the show is that an unlikely team has to form to defeat the demon king, but they all have issues and hilarious misfortunes ensue.

Konosuba is a lighthearted slice of life in an isekai with a loveable bunch of unlikely heroes
Konosuba is a lighthearted slice of life in an isekai with a loveable bunch of unlikely heroes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old is Megumin from Konosuba?

A: 15. Megumin is depicted as a 15 year old fictional archwizard according to the light novels and anime.

Q: Is Konosuba on Funimation?

A: No. You can watch Season 1 and 2 on Crunchyroll or HBOMax.

Q: Konosuba FD Tier List (Fantastic Days Game)

A: The Best Tier List is on MrGuider.

Q: Konosuba Fantastic Days Reddit?

A: Yes. The Konosuba FD Reddit can be found here.

Q: Is Konosuba worth watching?

A: Yes! Konosuba is one of the top isekai of all time, and contains comedy, action and fanservice. It has a massive world wide fan following.

Q: Will Konosuba have a season 3?

A: Yes! On July 18 2021 the Official Konosuba Twitter announced a 3rd season was in progress for release.

Q: How Old is Aqua from Konosuba?

A: Unknown. Aqua from Konosuba is as old as time itself, she is a God.

Table of Contents

How it Began

In December of 2012, author Natusme Akatsuki wrote a web series that got picked up by Kadokawa and the light novels were produced by Yen Press from 2013 to May of 2020. It's rumored that there may be some After Story spin offs. Yen press has also released about 14 manga adaptations to date.

Konosuba's Mobile Game is very popular around the world
Konosuba's Mobile Game is very popular around the world


Fans like myself have been waiting a LONG TIME for new Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World to come out. We got the first Anime Series in March 2016, the Second series was just as good if not better and released January 2017.

Finally we received a cryptic tweet on July 18, 2021 that announced a new project was in the works for the canon Anime series.

For now, everyone has been enjoying the video games of Konosuba! Now onto the anime review!

Anime Review

I'm going to try and put on my journalistic glasses here and give an honest and unbiased review without trying to hype up something I enjoy too much.

If you like fantasy action like Inuyasha, this has some goodies you'll enjoy as well.

A talentless main character surrounded by useless comrades. Konosuba fan art
A talentless main character surrounded by useless comrades. Konosuba fan art

Konosuba isn't the most original story, it's definitely a standard issue isekai where a character is thrust into a new world that resembles old school turn based games from the 90's like final fantasy or fire emblem. (Wow, now I need to bust out the old Playstation 1).

Unlike other Isekai, Konosuba reigns King of the Mound, and holds a special place in fans hearts for several prominent reasons. The art style is so visually appealing, and the animation is smooth. The animators didn't hold back on drawing really nice scenes, and didn't reuse old clips or use a lot of still shots (that bothers me when studios do that).

The voice acting is pretty good actually, and the comedy aspect the Megumin brings is both adorable and iconic. The story line shows good character development which has proven to be one of the most important aspects to the success of any anime I've reviewed.

The characters actually have good synergy and Megumin is easily a fan favorite, she has an insane power and nobody believes her until we see it in action. Her power is somewhat of a glass canon and she can only use it once.

Megumin is cute and loveable. This Archwizard is extremely powerful, but can only use her attack once per day.
Megumin is cute and loveable. This Archwizard is extremely powerful, but can only use her attack once per day.

This pays homage to one of the best anime of all time Yu Yu Hakusho. In Yu Yu Hakusho, he dies and enters an alternate dimension where he has to fight demons and has a very powerful move that he can only use once per day.

Konosuba is fun and fast paced and the jokes keep coming, then there's also lots of fan service sprinkled in. The anime girls are drawn really cute and curvy, and the outfits are short, skimpy and flirtatious.

What Konosuba does best is make fun of how serious some of the other isekai are, *cough* Goblin Slayer *cough*. The characters become pretty relatable and loveable. I would recommend to anyone, it's quite a fun story.

Anime Overview and Opinions

Kazuma, the main character, is depressed at the start of the novel. At the end of the day, he couldn't care less what other people thought.

Kazuma is a pretty useless character but serves as the butt of a lot of jokes in Konosuba. He's still pretty relatable and likeable, as a strategist he's not so bad.
Kazuma is a pretty useless character but serves as the butt of a lot of jokes in Konosuba. He's still pretty relatable and likeable, as a strategist he's not so bad.

He eventually dies, which is the finest thing that could have happened to him at the time. He had no cause to live, and as a result, he was put to death. Konosuba's message is direct and unequivocal. Kazuma is offered a second chance at reincarnation now that he has died.

Suddenly, a youthful goddess comes and offers him a new life in another planet, replete with the horrifying-sounding RPG style that he must utilize to battle a "Demon King."

His intelligence and memory, on the other hand, will be unaffected. Meanwhile, he preserves the right to be himself. Aqua, the water goddess, urges you to bring one tiny object with you on your voyage. He decides to bring her along since he feels that having a goddess on his side will help him in battle. Aqua is forced to live his life as a human for the first time as a result of his decision.

Aqua is a loveable and cute foul mouthed goddess in Konosuba
Aqua is a loveable and cute foul mouthed goddess in Konosuba

Aqua's fighting talents are quickly discredited, forcing the two of them to increase their group. To keep the plot rolling, they are joined by two social outcasts: Megumin (a Chunnibyo magician with dubious talents) and Darkness (a Chunnibyo witch with dubious abilities) (a knight with deviant preferences). Throughout the series, the four individuals struggle to keep their businesses going while simultaneously making unintended progress on their own objectives.

As with Konosuba, this is the only anime I've watched where the concept of "enjoying being alive and appreciating life" is truly humorous.

However, humorous elements can be found in both serious dramas such as Durarara and Mirai Nikki and comical films. Konosuba, as a comedy, is neither bleak nor depressing; it is neither of these things. To be honest, it's rather amusing.

Darkness is a cute character as well and is the Tank player of the konosuba group
Darkness is a cute character as well and is the Tank player of the konosuba group

Harems are ubiquitous in anime, but this one doesn't seem excessively sexual, and the girls don't seem to be blown away by our protagonist's nice or heroic deeds, at least not yet. This play contains a lot of humour, and the scenery is stunning. Magical and one-of-a-kind power moments that are truly fantastic! It's fantastic to see such a broad cast of people, each with their own distinct appearance and attitude that isn't based on traditional features.

Despite their one-of-a-kindness, they don't appear to be overly extravagant in terms of design or execution. Because our goddess isn't a complete disaster, there's room for character growth throughout the story. For the time being, they've done an excellent job of avoiding extended monologues and maintaining a pace that is neither too languid nor too quick, while remaining immensely engaging.

In Konosuba, there are bizarre one-of-a-kind happenings, and the people who live there are mocked. Despite the fact that Konosuba is a classic anime comedy, the film conveys an essential message. It is unique because of the message it conveys.

Fans Ship Kazuma and Megumin, they look cute together
Fans Ship Kazuma and Megumin, they look cute together

'Kazuma is pointless.' The absence of light can serve no purpose. Megumin is an utter waste of time. Aqua, on the other hand, is completely useless. There is no room for anyone else in KonoSuba's world! Furthermore, it's fantastic.

Following an embarrassing death in the dream world, Kazuma is given the option to try again in real life, a second chance. It's every nerd's fantasy come true!

Unfortunately, he starts the game as the poorest class, and Aqua, the goddess who granted him new life, is a dreary companion to have around the planet. As a result, they enlist the help of arch wizard Megumin, a descendant of a renowned magical family and a master of explosion magic, who quickly arrives on the scene.

The Anime Girls of Konosuba receive a lot of cute fan art
The Anime Girls of Konosuba receive a lot of cute fan art

Finally, the group has regained its vigor!

Kazuma Satou, a high school student in his early twenties, was an average high school student until he was nearly knocked over by a tractor on his way back from picking up a new edition.

After assuming he was about to die, Kazuma drops out from shock and awakens in front of the gorgeous goddess Aqua. Aqua, in fact, mocks Kazuma for dying in such a useless way, and she has no sympathy for his suffering. Kazuma's graceful response to Aqua's generous invitation to relive his fantasy life is to invite Aqua to accompany him on his voyage through time. If they wish to survive, the two of them will have to hunt for armor and quests in order to combat the demon king, or at the very least escape their cramped cages.

Coming face to face with KonoSuba after emerging from the isekai (otherworld) animation maze was a great relief. Despite the fact that it faces stiff competition, this parody is both better and funnier than the vast majority of other works in its genre.

Despite Kazuma's total wickedness, everything works and makes sense in this interpretation of the genre. The fact that his unit begins by battling monster cabbages and painting houses, which barely pay enough to cover living expenses (notice how most isekai overlook living expenses), makes perfect sense, just as it would in any other online game.

Fans of the isekai genre all believe that if they awoke in an other planet, they would be a mighty knight or wizard at the top of their food chain (just like how advocates for communism think they would be part of the small ruling class and not one of a billion peasants at the bottom). Who knew being an otaku NEET wouldn't prepare you for a life in a fantasy world full of hazards and dangers?

There has been an avalanche of anime with MMO themes in recent years, and many of them follow the same principles and are portrayed in the same fashion with little difference. Konosuba, or Konosuba for short, is yet another MMO-style program that takes a comedic approach to its topics and characters, which is refreshing in a market flooded with similar series.

Some have speculated that this is a genre inside joke. While I enjoyed it, the anime has a number of flaws, the most evident of which is the show's lack of direction beyond the first half of the climactic half-hour.

Konosuba is a wonderfully funny and relatable anime with some fan service as well
Konosuba is a wonderfully funny and relatable anime with some fan service as well

Kazuma Satou, the main character of Konosuba, dies in the most unheroic way possible on the most ordinary of days, and this is his death story. After his death, he is offered the option of entering heaven or defeating the Demon King, and he chooses the latter.

Of course, this is not before he selects the haughty sea goddess to join him on his quest! The consequence is hilarity since the two personalities are starkly opposed, with one miserable and the other arrogant. Furthermore, some viewers may consider the film's funny approach to its issues and subject to be a success or a failure.

Despite the fact that the concept of defeating a demon lord has been done numerous times before, this anime manages to incorporate genuine humorous elements such as direct parodies to some MMORPG game mechanics (useless skills, grinding, you name it) or the various anime troupes within the genre themselves. It's actually rather amusing to see this unfold.

Aqua is a God who loves to drink and is kinda sexual?
Aqua is a God who loves to drink and is kinda sexual?

Anime delivers to its audience an ongoing chronology in which the characters' relationships grow and the world in which they live is portrayed down to its most minute aspects through the repetition of a video game's "grind."

When it comes to pacing, this picture does an outstanding job of keeping audiences engaged for the majority of its running time by not dragging out any scene or action for any longer than absolutely necessary. Characters are presented in a wonderful way using the world's dynamics, which is a nice touch.

However, as encouraging as this appears to be, the anime's second half suffers from a lack of forward momentum, which is a significant letdown. The first five episodes introduce the main protagonists and their trials, as well as a slew of ancillary characters; there are some humorous sequences and gags sprinkled throughout; progress toward their ultimate goal, the abolition of the Demon King, was made, keeping the plot dynamic and engaging; and the final five episodes conclude the series.

There is little to no advancement in the most recent episode, and as a result, the humor becomes stale and, at times, bad. Several characters are introduced and then quickly forgotten, with a major rise in fan service in an episode that detracted from the overall immersion of the work. Of course, the series' brief runtime may have contributed to the issues stated above.

Kazuma is quite a useless NEET who now has to suddenly be social and do things
Kazuma is quite a useless NEET who now has to suddenly be social and do things

A comedy would be incomplete without well-developed characters, and Konosuba succeeded in this area throughout his career, despite his tendency to be shallow at times. The comedy potential of the show may have been jeopardized if the various personalities of the ensemble members had been handled incorrectly, as they were in this case.

Because the show's main focus was not on character development, this episode's lack of character development was easily disregarded. Despite their varied personalities, the group works well together due to the circumstances in which they find themselves: they are forced to work together as a result of their current condition.

They are, for the most part, either plain ignorant or unexceptional in their behavior. There are a few secondary characters who appear, but they are either introduced and then forgotten about, or the main protagonists meet them off-screen before they are introduced.

The story centres around Kazuma, the protagonist and the show's key motive. Kazuma is also the main antagonist of the show. Because of his cynical and pessimistic outlook on life, it's funny to watch him interact with his peers, which contributes to the series' overall enjoyment.

Aqua, on the other hand, is arrogant and self-absorbed, demonstrating that she is a complete waste of time and therefore undermining the "goddess" title. There was some indication of character growth as a result of several occurrences, but it was subtle enough to be convincing.

There are also some interesting characters, such as the archmage chuunibyou Megumin, who is obsessed with demon power, and the masochistic crusader Darkness, who admittedly became tiresome near the end of the episode.

Fans love Aqua from Konosuba. Thirsty yet?
Fans love Aqua from Konosuba. Thirsty yet?

Despite the fact that Konosuba's animation was generally of poor quality, it did not detract from the overall immersion in the plot. The female performers' boobs were especially remarkable for their ability to move in a variety of directions, from sagging to standing erect.

It's possible that this was done on purpose, however the reason is unknown. The anime's art style appeared to be lacking at first glance, but as the series went, it became clear that this style was advantageous to the program, particularly in terms of face emotions and body language.

This was a wonderful match for the story's diverse range of circumstances, characters, and moods.

Megumin is a crowd favorite and her cute catchphrase "EXPLOSION!" before she passes out is iconic
Megumin is a crowd favorite and her cute catchphrase "EXPLOSION!" before she passes out is iconic

Despite being either dull or simply forgettable, the Konosuba anime soundtrack was an excellent complement for the show's comic tone. Despite the fact that the opening and end of the film had the same topic, they were just mediocre this time around.

After everything was said and done, the choice of voice actors for each character was amazing, and they were able to match the cast members' various tones and personalities.

I would not have begun Konosuba if it hadn't been recommended by a user, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise this season. It employs a framework that has been used previously, but it does so through the lens of a satirical attitude toward the MMO genre, which was reinforced by the show's cast of characters and the voice actors who appeared in it.

Despite this, the film's final act lacked focus and purpose, leading to a sad ending despite some amusing scenes. Despite its flaws, Konosuba was a fun program to watch, and I'm excited for the upcoming second season, which has already been announced. In the second season, I sincerely hope that the show continues to mature and build on its essential premise.

If you've done enough research, you might be interested in this. Some people find it funny, while others find it disturbing. Despite the fact that everyone would be a slob, KonoSuba makes light of the issue and does so with wonderful comedy. Yes, another "stuck in a videogame-style scenario" episode has been developed and is now available online. Everything: leveling up, learning new skills, and dealing with the evil demon lord.

We are praying that season 3 of konosuba gives us some romance!
We are praying that season 3 of konosuba gives us some romance!

This series' assortment of characters is what holds it together. They make any difficulties appear small since they are so much fun to be around. I was originally concerned about the possibility of the situation recurring. If Darkness' fixation with masochism had instantly culminated in her going into battle and being pounded in battle, we might have smiled at the joke and repeated it the next week. The joke, on the other hand, remains hilarious because she is no longer needed to have her armor ripped off in every battle, as she formerly was.

This is remarkable to witness in every way. This show is highly recommended because it does not take itself too seriously and the characters are charming. However, in my opinion, it gives a far superior foundation for character development and advancement when compared to SOA. I became addicted to the game as a consequence of my desire to see the characters grow and embark on new adventures. You will not be disappointed if you log in and start grinding right away!

Instead, it's all about how desperate she is for pleasure and the ridiculous lengths she will go to acquire it. She managed to make me chuckle in the next episode when I least expected it.

Sword Art Online and Log Horizon are both fantastic games, but KONOSUBA is a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience in its own right. Imitation and scorn are byproducts of success, and KONOSUBA has no plans to convey the complete narrative. Despite the fact that it's a little nefarious, I think it's a hilarious and humorous work of satire.

Kazuma Satou, a classic sardonic, self-aware otaku type who is self-aware of his own sarcastic character, is the protagonist of this light novel adaption. Within the opening five minutes of the episode, Kazuma dies for no apparent reason and is immediately sent to the domain of the goddess Aqua.

Aqua has an idea for him: if he joins the fight against the demon King, he will be resurrected in a fantasy realm rather than the ordinary afterlife, according to Aqua. However, there is a catch: Kazuma must accompany Aqua into this new world in order to exact vengeance on Aqua, who is cold-hearted. They are both in a bad situation right now.

When it comes to KONOSUBA's "heroes," they are completely inept and generally self-destructive, despite the fact that they are supposed to be murdering the demon king, which they only manage to do by accident.

It doesn't help that they have a full party of Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness, despite the fact that Megumin is an exploding wizard with only one attack per day and Darkness is a high-ranking paladin who can't be employed as a warrior due to his acute masochism. Despite the fact that they are only trying to survive in this environment, they hope to earn enough money to leave the barn.

Many of the episodes of KONOSUBA are more relatable because of the struggles that the characters experience. We haven't all had to deal with huge frogs or irate dullahans, but most of us have had to cope with difficult jobs or unwelcoming neighbors at some point in our lives.

KONOSUBA is a must-see fantasy-transposed drama about young individuals with unusual but diverse qualifications striving to make it in an unforgiving work market. People acquire debt to make ends meet, accept low-paying jobs they should not be doing, and place too much attention on the short-term pleasures of life, failing to see the broader picture. Many aspects of the show's humor are relatable and cutting, distinguishing it from your standard anime comedy.

The actors in the program also have an odd yet lovable relationship with one another, which adds to the sharpness of the comedy. Despite the fact that they are all useless and unpleasant to one another, they all admire one another. Characters like Aqua and Megumin, for example, are more likable to the audience because of their flaws. All of these traits can be found in a single person: selfishness, vindictiveness, brevity, and pettiness.

Kazuma, sadly, is the lone dissenter among an otherwise charming cast of individuals. Darkness, on the other hand, has a one-dimensional character (the series is truly carried by Aqua and Megumin). Because of his sardonic and self-aware demeanor, he is seldom "punished" in a way that implies the rest of the show isn't on his side. Kazuma's scenes exemplify the show's humorous meanness, which can be found throughout the series.

Darkness is one of the coolest characters in Konosuba
Darkness is one of the coolest characters in Konosuba

Not only that, but many of the jokes are formulaic or fail to connect with the intended demographic. The show's collapse into basic genre humor is demonstrated in one half-episode in which Kazuma steals panties (a two-for-one illustration of Kazuma's unlikability and the show's descent into banal genre humor), and other episodes merely rehash one joke from Darkness over and over.

Kazuma Although these elements are not always present in the series, KONOSUBA can be entertaining or charming in some episodes. You'll have to sit through two or three uninspiring programs before finding out who receives the prize.

The presentation's visual style is a little rough around the edges, but it works in this case. It appears that the animation studio adopted an intentionally chaotic approach for the character designs for the anime series KONOSUBA. In terms of jokes, this actually works extremely well; the faces and patterns bend and twist into wild parodies of traditional style, which is extremely effective.

Individual still frames from KONOSUBA may appear crazy, but the show's wildness is part of what makes it so enjoyable. Despite the fact that the show's animation isn't always up to pace, it has some unforgettable moments, particularly Megumin's explosions. Despite the fact that the show is never visually pleasing, it makes no attempt to be such - the style is consistent with the subject matter.

Konosuba is definitely worth watching
Konosuba is definitely worth watching

KONOSUBA's music is generally made up of happy yet quiet piano and string accompaniment, with a few dramatic symphonic works thrown in for good measure on exceptional occasions.

An honorable mention should be made of the show's voice acting, as many of the gags are good because Aqua and Megumin put in so much effort. Aqua's exaggerated facial expressions and furious cries raise even the most ordinary puns to hilarity, making even the most mundane quips amusing.

KONOSUBA stands out as an eager but mistaken parody of a genre that has long been in dire need of some levity, and it is well worth seeing. While there aren't many funny moments, and Kazuma isn't particularly endearing, this is a fun movie to watch from beginning to end. It won't blow you away, but it will at the very least make you smile.

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