Demon Slayer Anime Review | Kimetsu No Yaiba is God Tier

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

With one of the best LiSA anime intro songs, Gurenge, from the start of the first Demon slayer episode I knew I was going to be in for a roller coaster ride of badass anime action.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Main Characters Tanjiro and Nezuko
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Main Characters Tanjiro and Nezuko

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Demon Slayer Worth Watching?

A: Yes. Demon Slayer is one of the most thrilling Anime of our time and a fan favorite. This Anime is one of the most widely sold Manga and Anime, with a huge international box office Mugen Train. If you like action, fantasy, and occult themes Demon Slayer is perfect.

Q: Is Demon Slayer a Good Anime?

A: Yes. Demon Slayer has a well written and unique storyline, with fantastic character development, amazing art, intense fight scenes and even comedy thrown in. Demon Slayer is a true fan favorite and has earned a spot among Anime enthusiasts classics.

Q: Why was Demon Slayer So Good?

A: Demon Slayer was good because the unique art and anime style combined with the relatable and likable characters made fans fall in love with the characters and want to see them grow and succeed. The characters keep up coming back, and the amazing fight scenes wow us at every turn. Demon Slayers unique theme appeals to fans of Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Castlevania, Death Note and more.

How Demon Slayer became one of my Favorite Anime

Demon Slayer, Kimetsu No Yaiba, really skyrocketed up my extensive list of favorites to land amongst the top tier. The brutality of his backstory combined the hard working efforts and humble beginnings lend some raw emotion to the character growth arc that makes me want to scream "Tannnnjiiiirooooo!".

Demon Slayer Train Movie Main Fire Character
Demon Slayer Train Movie Main Fire Character

Basically our Main Character is an average Joe who goes out to the forest and cuts wood, so his family business can make Charcoal and he can walk to the town to sell it.

Everyone loves this kid, he is a responsible big brother with a heart of gold.

He comes back from the village one day to find a horrific scene of his entire family slaughtered and pieces of them laying everywhere. Mom, Little Brothers, Little Sister and wait... Little Sister?

Nope, Sike! His little sister Nezuko is now a Demon who wants to eat people. He pops a piece of bamboo in her mouth like a makeshift muzzle and sets off on a journey to cure her, strapping her to his back.

Tanjiro finds a Demon Slaying Samurai Master in the woods and stays with him for shelter. They talk and decide Tanjiro will undergo severe death defying training to gain the strength necessary to save his sister and radicate the demons in the world.

Watching this story unfold literally gave me the chills. This average kid with a superhuman sense of smell and some athletic reflexes, fails again and again and keeps trying.

Finally he masters some sword kata, and is able to split the rock he was instructed to do about a year before his training started. We knew from here on out, that this anime was going to be seriously badass.

Demon Slayer Anime Thoughts, Opinions, and Review

The first episode has a lot of potential, it's safe to say. There are no true cliches yet, yet the characters have depth and there is still room for development. I'm curious to see where they go with this, and I'm hopeful it will keep my membership alive through the poor spring roster.

Aside from the anime's general excellence, I came here to discuss its simply stunning art style. In the current generation of anime, 3D animation has dominated the market. As a result, this is a welcome change of pace for me. Because of its unique characters, fast action, and breathtaking scenery, this is a visual feast for the eyes!

Ufotable, the creator of the Fate series on which this anime is based, as well as Director Haruo Sotozaki and Producer Hikaru Kondo, have created a new-age classic. This anime has given the Spring and Summer 2019 lineup a much-needed boost.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Ice Dragon Sword Kata Technique
Demon Slayer Tanjiro Ice Dragon Sword Kata Technique

It's a video that's been animated:

The art style of manga creator Koyoharu Gotge has been revitalized. Demon Slayer is an excellent action/shounen story, with superb battle choreography and spectacular fight scenes.

Ufotable's use of CGI animation to supplement its 2D fight sequences is particularly noteworthy. It was determined that rather than detracting from the 2D visual approach chosen by the animators, CGI animation would be used to bring the character's assaults to life. For example, the protagonist employs a technique known as Water Breathing to depict Japanese art-styled water growing along the protagonist's sword and flowing along his sword strokes. 2D animation could not portray this in the same way that 3D animation could.

Other CGI applications, such as backdrops or environs, are so subtle or well-executed that they seamlessly blend into the entire design. The mix of these two cartoons, as well as the brilliant CGI crew, is what makes the action scenes in this series truly stand out.

Demon Slayer Butterfly Girl Shinobu Kocho
Demon Slayer Butterfly Girl Shinobu Kocho

These are the individuals:

Because of their different colors and attire, the main, secondary, and even a few background characters all have distinct personalities, motivations, and stories to tell. Even after only a few episodes, the audience will be able to distinguish which characters belong to which, which is essential for a series with a constantly expanding ensemble.

The plot takes the unwary spectator on an all-expenses-paid emotional roller coaster in the first few episodes; the scary components of this story come at you fast. Despite the fact that this is not the emphasis of the series, the heroes are constantly subjected to physical, emotional, and psychic anguish, and the audience is never left feeling comfortable. The struggle has a physical weight to it due to the time the characters must spend recovering from their injuries and the fact that they are obligated to carry the wounds of previous conflicts with them.

Tanjirou Kamado's persona was greatly improved from the conventional Shounen industry type of young high-spirited males with bright-colored hair and a proclivity for yelling. Despite his and his opponents' heinous pasts, Tanjirou is a compelling and skilled but flawed underdog whom the audience cannot not but root for or see themselves as.

Demon Slayer Lightning Guy Zenitsu Agatsuma With Bird
Demon Slayer Lightning Guy Zenitsu Agatsuma With Bird

Even though the animation depicts him and other hunters as powerful elemental-wielding heroes, in the end, these young hunters have nothing but their blades, training, and wits to counter the superior might, regeneration, and even supernatural skills of demons; once the dazzling artistic metaphors of their strikes are removed, these young adults with swords are facing off against near-immortal beasts in a world where death is almost guaranteed.


It's simple to imagine yourself involved in the world of the characters and their adventures to preserve villages and battle demons while watching Demon Slayer.

At the core of this universe lies the Demon Hunter Corps (DHC), a group of highly trained combatants that work hard to protect humanity from the demon threat. Its ranks, how entrants are taught and tested, how society views DHC members, and why only DHC members are equipped to confront demons are all revealed early in the narrative. My favorite part of the story was when the author mentioned how much devils despise the aroma of wisteria. Following that, the audience is introduced to an influential family that homes and tends for wounded DHC members due to the Corps' involvement in saving their lives, their mutual teamwork, and the family's adoption of the Wisteria flower as their family crest. Details like this enrich the universe of Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Fire Style Dragon Kata Technique
Demon Slayer Tanjiro Fire Style Dragon Kata Technique

Fights are exciting, characters and their development are good, music and animation are excellent, and the mysteries/history that are gradually revealed during the series leave the audience guessing as to how the story will unfold.

Koyoharu Gotouge's Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, a retelling of a well-known story, even has a bland and confusing title. This is not just a fantastic new anime, but it is also one of the most exciting additions to Netflix's ever-expanding anime repertoire.

Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer becomes a vengeful warrior after being subjected to the most cruel type of trial by fire. Nezuko becomes one of the demons as a result of an attack on Tanjiro's family. He meets a Demon Slayer, who encourages Tanjiro to pursue vengeance for his family's death, slay any evil creatures he comes across, and free his sister from an unjust death.

Tanjiro encounters great progress and difficult challenges as he advances forward with the assistance of Zenitsu and Inosuke, two more emerging fighters on his mission. As a result, the anime's more dramatic scenes aren't overpowered by this group's natural chemistry and sense of humor.

Demon Slayer Inosuke Swords and Fighting Style
Demon Slayer Inosuke Swords and Fighting Style

Tanjiro and his allies develop and hone formidable abilities via training and combat (unlike suddenly having them gifted...cough...Mushoku Tensei). As a result, the majority of the episodes in Demon Slayer's first season are allowed time to breathe so that the characters can fully express themselves rather than being pushed from one combat to the next.

Rather than having to finish every fight before the credits roll, many of the demon confrontations are spread out over multiple episodes. Because of the emphasis on character development for both its heroes and demons, battles in Demon Slayer are more significant. Some episodes may not create as much as others, but this allows the series to find its voice more quickly.

While having characters that aren't just anime stereotypes is important, the antagonists in Demon Slayer are exceptionally well-developed. The episodes devote a significant amount of time discussing the origins of the demons, their journey into depravity, and the price they paid for it. It's a fresh idea for bringing together both heroes and villains, in my opinion. When Tanjiro considers how his sister is now in the same situation, he is forced to halt and reflect on his own mission to rid the world of these devils (Inuyasha?).

Demon Slayer Butterfly Girl Sisters Kanao Tsuyuri
Demon Slayer Butterfly Girl Sisters Kanao Tsuyuri

According to Demon Slayer, some of these demons are just as innocent or in need of atonement as Nezuko. Because of this intriguing twist, Tanjiro's victories are tinged with sadness and anguish. The introspective atmosphere of Demon Slayer is all the more appealing because so many anime of this genre praise the protagonists' victory over frightening demons, wait is that Yu Yu Hakusho?

To Tanjiro and his fellow Demon Slayers, becoming the strongest isn't about bragging rights or even being the best. All they care about is achieving their personal goals and moving on in life. When the action becomes too much for the story, it's interesting to view these characters from a different angle. 5 out of 5 stars This series is a must-see for fans of action anime; there are also aspects of horror, supernatural, drama, and the typical coming-of-age story tossed in for good measure. This series is well worth your time to watch, vs. wasting your life on Sword Art Online.

There have been seven episodes of Demon Slayer, yet there has been little character development. Tanjirou's (the protagonist's) sole known attributes are his determination, protectiveness for his younger sister, and gentle demeanor. Any action-oriented drama would include a character like this, and given the tragic circumstances of Tanjirou's sister, Nezuko Kamado, she will almost certainly be exploited as a narrative element to frustrate his purpose. This mission is a little predictable due to Tanjirou's goals, but it's still entertaining.

It's a beautiful animation with plenty of action, but it's not without issues. Given the darker side of the underlying plot, there is no continuous intensity here, but rather an accumulation of tension that rises as Tanjirou moves from one challenge to the next. It's also fantastic that this series takes the appropriate amount of time to each of those issues; there's no superfluous "white noise" or plot shortening, just a solid general flow of the story. Everyone should try it at least once! And did I mention how beautifully animated it is?