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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Tiktok is a giant platform with billions of users and tons of different videos from users all over the globe.

A LOT of people are searching for some pretty weird results. We wanted to dive into what people were looking for on tiktok as we just made an account.

Here are all of the official tiktok creators:

Ok, so there's a lot of them. But certain creators are violating the terms of conditions of the Tiktok platform and it's to the joy of over 260,000 monthly searchers.

Using SEMRUSH, we looked for the Tiktok search numbers and found that among the top 5 searched keywords for Tiktok, were:

  1. Nude Tiktok

  2. Naked Tiktok

  3. Tiktok Nudes

  4. Adult Tiktok

  5. Tiktok Leggings

Yeah, the special pants that make your booty look good made the list too.

Are we going to post some Tiktok Noods? Absolutely not. Go enjoy some wholesome Anime and take a cold Shower.


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