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Dororo Anime Review | Samurai & Demons

Dororo (tezuka osamu) is a samurai story about demons, swords, love, and family.

Dororo has been around since the late 1960s, as one of the first animated motion comics in Japan. It looks similar to the artwork of Astroboy, but it's recently received a badass upgrade in animation and even a Netflix live action in 2007 (gross) and again in 2018 (yuck).

Dororo Anime remake 2019
Dororo Anime remake 2019

Season 1 of the new, gore filled action anime released in 2019, and a second season is in the works.

Dororo is a true grit action samurai theme, about perseverance and revenge.

It tells the story of a young boy named Hyakkimaru who was cursed and his journey to defeat the demons behind the terrible suffering he had since the day he was born.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Can I Watch Dororo Anime?


Q: Is Dororo a boy or a girl?

A: Dororo uses the he/him pronouns. Dororo was born a girl but raised as a boy.

Q: Is Dororo a sad Anime?

A: Dororo conveys lots of emotions and at times is heart wrenchingly sad. Many would classify the Anime as a Tragedy Theme, and the characters battle their inner and real demons.

Q: Will Dororo get a Season 2?

A: It is not confirmed at this time.

Q: How Old is Dororo?

A: 11 years old. Dororo has aged 2 years in the new Anime compared to 9 years old in the original. [Source Yahoo.Jp]

Dororo Character Review

Dororo has a very interesting and dark story the entire 24 episodes were steady yet justified character development. Hyakkimaru and Dororo are the main characters, All the side characters have a very big impact to make the story more intriguing.

Given the nature of the series itself, it’s hard for me to discuss it without at least mentioning mild spoilers.

The story started when the man named Daigo Kagemitsu sold his eldest son to the demons in return his land will prosper they will not suffer from hunger and disease, the demons took the baby’s body part and for me, it’s a terrible thing to start the story, yet it will give you different questions and that what makes this story unique.

Dororo Anime remake 2019 action
Dororo Anime remake 2019 action

He was placed in a basket and sent to the river by some servant, fortunately, the baby was saved by a man named Jukai. Hyakkimaru was single-handedly raised by Jukai from a newborn to an adolescent and was the first to ever give care to him he provided him with an artificial body part for him to function every day.

Dororo Plot Review

Hyakkimaru started his journey to claim his body parts it wasn’t easy for him he went through difficulties but never give up until one day he meets a little child named Dororo together they went on a long journey to kill demons and restore Hyakkimaru’s body.

There are many characters in the story including Hyakkimaru’s family and more, but I will not go into details and spoil everything.

Dororo Anime fan art
Dororo Anime fan art

Aside from the great storyline, the animation is very detailed, has good sword-fighting scenes, and a great mix between action, drama, and mystery, the setting was happened during the middle of the Muromachi Period, during the 1470s after the Wars of Onin and Bunmei.

So many people have different views and opinions about the story, but I believe studio Mappa did a great job when it comes to the animation and the storyline was well done and for me, the entire 24 episodes were worth watching.


Dororo is an awesome action anime worth watching if you're not feint of heart. Also, why does Hyakkimaru look exactly like Sasuke for Naruto? Hmm.


Therese Sing | 27 yrs old | Philippines.

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I’m an anime fan since I was young, and I watched more than 300 anime."


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