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Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun | Anime Review and Opinions

The demon king needs a new successor and every demon in the underworld wants his throne so he chooses a random human boy instead. What?!? NANI?

Iruma Kun Funny Fan art
Iruma Kun Funny Fan art

Our main Character is a 14 year old boy whose parents refuse to work and force him to make his own way. So he is working on a tuna fishing boat when suddenly the demon king buys him and teleports him away.

Turns out our lonely old man, the demon king, needs a grandson to keep up with his peers.

This story really reminds me of one of my favorite Manga, To Love Ru.

In this crazy fantasy slice of life anime, we are transported to a whimsical mythical world of attractive demons and monsters with powers who love to eat humans. The demons fight these monsters with their various spells and powers and poor Iruma Kun is kind of just stuck in the middle of these misfortunate battles.

He eventually gets a ring with powers that helps him fight too.

Worse than fighting, Iruma has to go to Demon School and pretend he is a Demon the whole time!

Clara, Iruma Kun, and Asmodeous
Clara, Iruma Kun, and Asmodeous

Table of Contents

Welcome to Demon School Iruma- kun (2019)

Have you ever had a hard time saying “No” to someone who needs help?

Well, there’s someone who’s weak on that, and that is Iruma-kun. Imagine being sold-off to the Demon Lord because of that habit?

Well, you’ve definitely got to watch Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun! which is a comedy anime made for everyone! Let’s get to know a little background for Iruma-kun shall we?

Iruma Suzuki, a 14-years-old human that was been sold off by his parents to the Demon Lord named Sullivan and adopted him as his grandson. I must say he’s pretty lucky. why? If you’re curious you’ve gotta watch it! Sullivan’s main reason why he adopted Iruma-kun because the other high-ranking demons already have one, crazy right.

This old man is jealous for something so small. So, since Iruma-kun can’t resists on saying no, he gave up and become his grandson. This became a major change on Iruma-kun’s life. Having friends, a home, a school, a family that never abandoned him again (so much for your worthless parents Iruma-kun).

Iruma-kun met a lot of friends in Babyls School (a school exclusive for Demons), such as Alice Asmodeus and Clara Valac and many more! (And when I say many more, there’s like tons of it, especially when you decided to read the manga).

Everday of Iruma-kun’s life is so colorful and fun! But yeah, a good story is not just about some fun but also some action and climax. You’ll get to see tons of wild and fun events happening in Babyls School!

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun, was released year 2019 and became popular in 2020 and 2021 since it also released the Season 2, Many fans are still waiting for the release of Season 3. Yep, you heard it right!

Welcome to demon school, cute school girl art
Welcome to demon school, cute school girl art

There’ll be season 3! Although the date was not confirmed yet. But if you had a lot of fun watching this, I recommend reading the Manga! I swear you won’t regret reading it. The manga is still on going and I’m still waiting for the release.


Iruma Suzuki. He’s an independent child who can survive anywhere (maybe because of his worthless parents ) He’s fun and polite. He become crazy handsome when his second identity showed up. That’s like one of the things why I watched this awesome anime.


Iruma (on his EVIL CYCLE). I’ve got to admit, Iruma in his evil cycle is effin hot. Still he’s kind, but hotter version of his self. That’s like the major shocking episode in Season 2 where we got to see Iruma’s evil cycle. There’s actually tons of event in manga where he did have evil cycle, I must say those are one of the best! I can’t wait when it gets animated!

Alice Asmodeus. Most girls would really simp for him. For being strong and cool specially in Season 1. But yeah he only likes and be totally devoted to Iruma-kun.

Welcome to demon school, anime school girl art
Welcome to demon school, school girl art


Q: Will there be Season 3?

A: Definitely yes! Although the date of release is not there yet.

Q: Did Iruma-kun goes back to the Human World?

A: The answer is Not sure yet. Although were not sure what’s the plan of the author since the manga is not yet done. But if I were to answer this honestly, Iruma would prefer to stay. This is the place where he is finally free, and who knows maybe he’ll really become the Demon King.

Kallego Sensei Fan Art
Kallego Sensei Fan Art

How Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun became one of my favorites?

Let’s say I got really bored on watching anime with romance genre or action one, so I came across one video on YouTube, there I decided to Watch Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun.

Actually you can watch this anime in MUSE ASIA Channel on Youtube. I think this is licensed by Muse Asia. You can also watch it in Bili-Bili.

Since every episodes is exciting from Season 1 to Season 2, I couldn’t really wait to know what’s gonna happen next, so I decided to read the manga. Sure, for some people they tend to not read the manga because its black and white. But on this one, you’ll legit have fun with it.

There’s tons of characters that showed up in the manga and I’m excited when will they released the animated series. (Season 3). I would rate this a solid 10 out of 10. Everything from manga were animated and the animation is nice compared to other animations.

Where to Watch Welcome to Demon School Iruma Kun?


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