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Takt Op. Destiny Anime Review

So I like to pick out a random Anime from the suggestions on Crunchyroll while I ride my exercise bike.

Takt Op destiny is gaining a huge following world wide and is quickly growing in popularity for good reasons. They recently made the cover of Newtype Magazine and studio MAPPA has been making some mega hit Anime for quite some time, alluding that this may be the next big series.

amazing art of takt op destiny
amazing art of takt op destiny

*Side note* If you're wondering what kind I have it's a Tour De France V4 that I got at a goodwill thrift store for $150 USD because the owner thought it was broken. I enabled the wifi, went to settings, then pressed calibrate and viola now I have a decent work out machine!

Excuse my ADHD real quick, I want to talk about Takt Op. Destiny because it's actually kind of a cool anime that I might continue watching regularly.

So it's a little vague at first but I don't think a lot of explaining is really due when you're watching fantasy action / post apocalyptic themed animations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Takt Op Destiny Based On?

A: Takt Op Destiny is an original series by Madhouse and Mappa but closely resembles themes from motion pictures Bird Box and A Quiet Place.

Q: Will Takt Op Destiny have a season 2?

A: Unconfirmed. However there is a movie release of "Symphonic Action Road" coming to Amazon Prime.

Q: Is Takt Op Destiny worth Watching?

A: Yes! It is a great Anime, with awesome artwork, intense fight animations, philharmonic music and an original plot.


Basically, the main Character is a master pianist in a world where there is no music. It's similar to the movie trope like Bird Box or A Quiet Place, where music triggers monsters called D2 to come out of the earth and attack the source of the sound.

takt op destiny anime
takt op destiny anime

However, the main character has teamed up with a "Musicart", who is a magical girl that can transform into a cool and deadly warrior, with abilities to fly, hit hard, and shoot lasers out of a gun staff that shapeshifts for various powers.


Takt, the MC can sacrifice some of his life force to give more power to his Musicart Cosette to defeat monsters and he consequently receives damage that she imbues.

The caveat is that Cosette runs out of steam and has to eat a lot of calories in order to fight again. They travel with her older sister and have crazy antics along their mission to defeat the D2 and find her older sister "Destiny".

takt op destiny anime Takt and Cosette in Battle
takt op destiny anime Takt and Cosette in Battle


Cast of "takt op.Destiny" (Episode 1)

・ Koki Uchiyama (role of Takuto Asahina) ・ Shion Wakayama (role of fate) ・ Kaede Hondo (role of Anna Schneider) ・ Miku Ito (role of giant) ・ Satoshi Hino (role of Lenny) ・ Inori Minase (Role of heaven) , Reina Ueda (role of hell) , Daisuke Namikawa (role of Sintler) , Eiji Hanawa (role of Zagan) , Sumire Uesaka (role of Walkure), Ai Kakuma (role of Charlotte Schneider) , San Mr. Satoshi Ueda (role of Kenji Asahina) and Mr. Kotono Mitsuishi (role of Orpheus of Hell)

Should I Watch Takt Op. Destiny Anime?

The Anime is good, I really like both the art style and the music.

Takt plays some classical period tunes on the piano throughout the show, and the jazz in between scenes and his laissez faire attitude reminds me of cowboy bebop.

Takt is quite rude to Cosette, poor girl, and in turn she physically abuses him often. He is able to turn into a conductor in battle and direct her attacks and give her additional power when needed.

Cosette Eating a Donut
Cosette Eating a Donut

Where to Watch Takt Op. Destiny


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