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What Happened to Geneon Anime (Pioneer & ADV Films)

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Pioneer and Geneon Anime are Long Gone
R.I.P Geneon Anime

Our Thoughts on Geneon Anime

I knew the Geneon/ADV deal was bad medicine when it was first announced in September.

When Geneon laid off some employees a short time after the announcement, I wasn’t surprised, nor was I too taken aback by the two anime distribution companies’ decision not to merge.

When it was announced that Geneon was no longer distributing DVDs, it was a confirmation of that initial bad feeling I had. I had no idea what was going on behind Geneon’s closed doors to lead up to this series of events, but like a divorce or break-up that seems to come outta nowhere, this sad event probably was some time in the making.

As for Geneon, they are definitely out of the DVD business.

However, it really depends on what Dentsu wants to do with Geneon USA.

They will be posting a loss for the first half of this fiscal year (Oct. 2007 – Mar. 2008) due to downsizing their Geneon USA operation.