Psycho Pass Season 1 Anime Review

This is definitely not your little sisters anime, that being said let's jump right into the Action Thriller that has become an Anime cult classic.

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Psycho-Pass Plot Review

The Main Character

The world of Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass Anime Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Psycho Pass Banned in China?

A: Yes. It has been banned since 2015 due to the graphic nature of the Anime which includes themes of violence and crime.

Q: Is Psycho Pass Worth Watching?

A: Yes! It has wonderful animation, a unique exciting plot, and graphic violence and suspense. It's a great choice for adults.

Q: Is Psycho Pass 2 bad?

A: No. It's not as good as the first season in the eyes of most viewers, because it lacks the story building and the element of surprise. Season 2 feels a little redundant, but for Psycho Pass fans it was greatly appreciated.

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Psycho-Pass follows the story of Akane, a newly assigned inspector for the Ministry of welfare’s public safety bureau, set in a dystopian future where citizens’ stress levels are closely monitored, the MWPSB pairs Inspectors and enforcers in a division and together they maintain peace and order by separating and eliminating criminals and potentially dangerous individuals with high levels of stress away from society.

Psycho-Pass Plot Review

Psycho-Pass is an outstanding crime & drama anime with its thought-provoking plot centered around the conflict between human freedom and the justice system named Sibyl that monitors the stress levels of every member of society. The show has brilliant storytelling that slowly gets darker as the series progresses, character interactions and dialogues are well written and can become quite philosophical which definitely shows the depth and motives of some of the characters.

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The Main Character

Despite being an inspector for an unquestionable system, Akane does not let this hinder her ability to think outside the box and see through the flaws of the system. She works together with her enforcer, Kogami, and Division 1 in order to solve complicated crimes that terrorize the society of Psycho-Pass. Akane’s perseverance and mental fortitude shine bright through the bleak and violent future presented in Psycho-Pass, her ability to uphold the law while being capable to question the system is definitely a highlight of her personality.

Other characters such as Kogami and Ginoza are also well-written characters that contrast each other well, this contrast gives Akane a better understanding of what it means to be an Inspector, should she blindly follow all orders given by the Sibyl system? Or should she trust her detective intuition more, these are important questions that follow Akane throughout the whole season.

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The world of Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass’ showcases a futuristic Tokyo with warm and dark tones, while it can sometimes look flat, the city still leaves an impression on you and the feeling that you get from the city complements the direction the anime is going into. The animation is well done and the action sequences are entertaining, striking, and nerve-wracking. The art style also contributes to the overall tone of the anime as it feels gritty and captures the seriousness of the story.

The world of Psycho-Pass feels immersive, there is something odd about watching the anime, it feels realistic despite its futuristic setting, it carries a concept that questions our free will and the systems that guide us into becoming ideal citizens. There is a lot to take in when watching Psycho-Pass, the series can be summarized as one giant philosophical debate, and it certainly does it well. I recommend this show to anyone interested in cyberpunk, dystopia, and crime, it is definitely worth a watch.

Studio: Production I.G

Published by: Mag Garden

Genres: Anime, Action, Psychological thriller,

Cyberpunk, Thriller, Crime fiction, Crime TV genre

Psycho-Pass garnered a standing ovation from both anime fans and reviewers when it was initially released a few years ago. Intricate plots, a grim atmosphere, superb police procedurals, and cyberpunk aesthetics all inspired outstanding anime series like Ghost in the Shell and Ergo Proxy, as did the show's cyberpunk aesthetics.

What are you prepared to give up in order to live in a perfect Utopia where everyone is happy? Why should we be prepared to give up our personal liberty in order to live in a crime-free society? Is it feasible to rely on a system if it is not overseen or controlled by a human?

Psycho Pass Anime Analysis

Psycho Pass shows a dystopian and authoritarian future in which a computerized system known as the Sybil System evaluates all persons' 'psycho passes' (or rather, mental states) and labels anyone who have values higher than those set by the government as latent criminals.

Despite the fact that these potential offenders have never committed a crime, authorities consider them to be criminals.

As a consequence, depending on their capacity to inflict harm to the community, individuals are imprisoned, rehabilitated, or even executed. They literally use guns that make peoples heads explode.

When she started working for the MWPSB (the Public Safety Bureau), she was young and inexperienced, but she believed in the Sybil System's utility and capacity to preserve the peace.

Shinya Kougami, a former police officer turned enforcer, is forced to rethink her whole worldview when she encounters enforcers (a group of latent criminals used by authorities as hunting hounds or rather as disposable muscle in criminal investigations). Shinya Kougami is a former cop turned enforcer.

The Sybil System is specifically explained in relation to how MWPSB inspectors and enforcement officers use a specialized weapon controlled by the Sybil System to deal with illegal activities, as well as how the Sybil System restricts use of the dominator to only those with the appropriate credentials and training.

Division 1 of the MWPSB discovers through their investigations that the criminal activities and serial murders that threaten peaceful paradise are all the work of a ruthless puppet master named Shougo Makishima, who is manipulating his puppets to destabilize the entire Sybil System for his own nefarious purposes.

There were multiple instances that reminded me of anime such as Death Note, Future Diary, and Terror in Resonance, when the viewer is kept in the dark about who or what would be the next target, resulting in a high sense of dread and anticipation.

The Sybil System is found to have multiple serious problems while attempting to prevent Makishima from killing again with the help of his "puppets," which serves as a brilliant display of the perils of psycho pass scanning.

Because of a negative reaction to one bad day, the color of your psycho pass will steadily rise until you are eventually categorized as a criminal who must be put down and executed on every bad day.

The Sybil System's laws are flagrantly in violation of human rights.

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Makishima personifies what it means to be a psychopath since he has no remorse for the crimes he has committed in the past.

He thrives on the chaos he generates within such a well-organized and precise framework of rules and procedures, rather than being annoyed by it.

Psycho Pass's first season has some of the most intriguing character portrayals I've ever seen on television.

Kougami, on the other hand, is hell-bent on stopping the man he believes is the biggest menace to civilisation. As the narrative progresses, each character's point of view gradually shifts throughout the novel.

We get a glimpse into their worst thoughts and feelings, and we witness how these people, who appear to be strong and pleased with their life on the surface, may actually crumble under the weight of their own sadness and disappointment. When it comes to establishing a story's arc, characterization like this is exactly what you need.