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Toilet bound Hanako-kun Anime Review 地縛少年花子くん

So basically a sad girl invokes a friendly ghost who grants her wishes but everything goes wrong and now she has to battle evil spirits. Sounds kinda like xxxHolic?

Wait, slow down, nani?

Ok so maybe it's not that simple.

hanako kun and nene
hanako kun and nene

Hanako Kun is a story of a girl who gets turned into a fish and then wants her body back.

Seriously, we are going to get it right this time.

Urban legends are real in this Anime, and there are 7 spirits whom the story revolves around.

After getting into a contract with Hanako, our main character uses her good hearted nature to realize her purpose in life is to guide the bad spirits into the afterlife once Hanako has defeated them in battle.

This is a cute and funny Action / Love Story / Comedy that I would recommend to anyone! The title might have sounded better in Japanese "Jibaku Shonen Hanako Kun 地縛少年花子くん" (Ghost Boy Hanako Kun) so I just call it Hanako Kun.

Table of Contents

Should I watch Toilet bound Hanako-kun (2020)?

I know you’ve heard of different kinds of rumors, either funny or scary?

Kamome Academy, a school that looks super normal but tends to be incorporated with creepy, supernatural rumors going around everyday.

There is one student who loves occult and tend to believe on supernatural things, and that is, Nene Yashiro. Nene Yashiro, a typical single highschool girl, who believes in occult things tried to summon the 7th Famous Wonder “Hanako-san of Toilet” (everyone knows that Hanako-san a ghost spirit is a girl)in the 3rd stall of the girls bathroom.

She didn’t totally believe it was true, but unexpectedly she was able to summon Hanako-kun. Yashiro-san who was shocked by the fact that Hanako is a boy and not a girl. Since Hanako-kun appeared he is obliged to grant the wish of Yashiro-san.

Yashiro-san wishes to have a boyfriend, funny how Hanako-kun isn’t a matchmaker. With turn of events she became Hanako-kun assistant in maintaining peace in the school’s rumor.

The art may seemed different to what you’re used to but the artstyle is amazing actually, you get to see tons of shades and color to it.

You may get confused to the story plot if you didn’t pay full attention to it, so make sure you understand and read the subtitle. I also recommend reading the manga, what you see in the manga is also what you see in the animation.

The way this is animated is the same with Komi-san can’t communicate, the similar way where some manga panel shows up.

toilet bound hanako kun
toilet bound hanako kun


Sosuke Mitsuba. Although he’s narcissist and rude, I found him cute. He just needs friends that’s all. Bro I would love to be his friend.


I guess its either Hanako, or Tsukasa. I’m sure majority would simp for Tsukasa, with his child-like psychotic attitude. (if you prefer psychotic and simp with it). I must say Hanako-kun can be very cute indeed. Specially when he’s with Yashiro-san.

toilet bound hanako kun scary but cute
toilet bound hanako kun scary but cute

There’s tons of Character you’ll likely simp with such as Natsuhiko Hyūga and Teru Minamoto.


Q: Will there be Season 2?

A: It’s positive that Season 2 is gonna be animated. Although the manga is still on going.

Q: Is Hanako-kun a human or a ghost?

A: Hanako-kun is originally a human and become an apparition known as the 7th Wonders.

How did Hanako Kun become one of my favorites?

Actually, this became one of my favorites because I fell in love with the art style. You rarely see this type of artstyle in anime. And I must say its unique compared to others. Like, the colors may be the unusual type, but its shockingly amazing how well it goes to the characters.

If you’re the type of viewer who appreciates the animation and the art style, you’ll definitely love this! Also, If you’re the type who likes some mystery and rumors this anime is for you.

Nene is so sweet in Hanako Kun
Nene is so sweet in Hanako Kun

Also for me the story gets chaotic everytime and serious when it comes of maintaining the peace and order of the 7 Wonders in the school. But trust me you’ll definitely enjoy this anime as much as I do.

Word Vomit about the Anime from the Editors


The series depicts the students' adventures at Kamome Academy, a school plagued by the Seven Wonders, a collection of ghosts that drive the pupils to suffer in their daily lives.

Students at a certain high school have heard legends about the Seven Wonders of the World, which are thought to be genuine.

According to tradition, when summoned, the ghost of a young lady known as "Hanako-san" of the girl's restroom may fulfill desires, but only for a cost. She is regarded as one of the World's Seven Wonders.

When it comes to dating a man, Nene, while being a hopeless romantic, is self-conscious about her overweight thighs and lower extremities. In an attempt to win over her most recent love interest, she summons the phantom Hanako, only to discover that the little boy she summoned is a young and unpleasant youngster of her own creation.

Hanako Kun Anime Panel
Hanako Kun Anime Panel

When Hanako-kun pledges to help Nene find love, he does it in exchange for Nene helping him clean the bathroom and do errands as payment for his help. As their relationship deepens and becomes more difficult, Nene is confronted with a rash of ghostly visits to her school.

Despite the fact that the concept of a haunted school is not novel, the method by which it has been realized is. It's conceivable that the haunted school myth has garnered broad appeal because it's so timely. After all, for many people, school is and/or was a bad place to be. Because of this, they dislike the structure.

They are compelled to attend classes they do not want to attend and to study subjects they are not interested in. Many students learn how to cope with their most persistent issues at school, as well as how to deal with unlikable instructors and bullies, as well as how to lose friends and make enemies. Many authors may discover that haunted schools give up a whole new world of story possibilities for them, which may help to explain why so many students detest going to school.

Hanako-strength kun's success is due to his use of the famed school's rumor mill to feed the apparitions' power. This is where he is successful.

At the opening or close of each episode, the instructor asks a student, "Have you heard?" and then begins to relate a story about one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. At this moment, the name of the rumor-spreading student is unknown, but it appears that he or she is propagating the information using a school-wide telecommunications station.

Hanako eats the fish scale
Hanako eats the fish scale

As one would expect from youngsters in this scenario, as soon as the rumor is circulated, the rest of the school joins in to spread the news. They lose their powers and vanish off the face of the world as a result of their stupidity.

This is because they were ignorant that the Seven Wonders had pledged to carry out the plot's specifications. Even the most absurd rumor may turn out to be a watershed point in the lives of people who believe it, which is a fascinating lesson to take away from this narrative about the power of words.

The function of the rumor-reason creator is explored further in subsequent episodes as part of a wider storyline that also features Hanako-background kun, the school's ghost leader, and his potential fate as the Seventh Wonder.

The book tells the story of Wonders' worlds, known as Boundaries, which lie between the realms of the living and the realms of the dead. When students mistakenly cross a Boundary, they expose themselves to the Wonder's whims, which can be deadly.

Because of her peculiar affinity with Nene and Hanako-kun, she is vulnerable to their supernatural machinations, and she frequently finds herself trapped in Boundaries, where she must perform a variety of duties in order to survive and escape.

We Ship Nene and Hanako
We Ship Nene and Hanako

Awakening the Wonder's most valued item, the Yorishiro, is required for her to lower the Boundary and learn more about her previous incarnations before becoming recognized as a human.

To prevent the shame and troubles that come with the apparitions, Nene and Kou Minamoto, heirs to the famous Minamoto Family of exorcists, decide to postpone the exorcism of Hanako and the Wonders until they realize that not all apparitions are deadly.

In this episode, one cannot help but feel sad for Kou as he forms a bond with a certain spirit. Hanako is the constant reminder to Nene and Kou that they have no control over the dead in their midst.

Hanako Kun Characters
Hanako Kun Characters

The lesson of this story is that instead of adorning our loved ones' graves with lovely flowers after they have died, we should learn to appreciate them while they are still living.

Nene feels obligated to try to settle Kou's history, despite the fact that she knows it is impossible to change what has already happened.

Members of the audience are left with a sense of sadness as they contemplate the possibilities of a partnership that works so well but can only go so far in terms of success.

Hanako kun may be proud of his seven natural riches.

People who read the Manga have voiced anxiety that the forthcoming episodes would be "very, very sad," as seen by many comments beneath certain episodes.

The word "black" conjures up images for me as someone who likes reading Berserk and whose favorite manga titles include Goodnight PunPun and Assassination Classroom. This film will disappoint those who expect severe violence, deep-seated depression, extended excursions into despair, suicide, and death.

The tragic backstory of Hanako, as well as the histories of the other Wonders, contribute to the series' somber tone... A big portion of it is influenced by the horrible situations that certain people must go through, as well as the overarching topic of death. When a specific ghost appears in the story, the tone swings abruptly, and you worry when this spirit will return to torment Hanako and his new human companions again.

As a result of these qualities, I would describe the series as scary rather than dismal.

Everyone, in some sense, is a hopeless case in some manner.


Kamome Academy is a haven for misfits and eccentrics. Nene is an idealistic romantic with a special spot in her heart for aristocratic males.

A beautiful face, a remark about her attractiveness, or even a critical remark about her "daikon" legs got her into trouble more than once, and she had to learn the hard way how to manage such circumstances.

Season 2 of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime
Season 2 of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime

In the aftermath of a failed love attempt and her subsequent reliance on Hanako, she consumes what she believes to be a very rare love talisman that Hanako was keeping concealed, only to be cursed and rendered useless by an evil mermaid.

Despite the fact that Nene is to blame for the curse, her clueless amorous manner is adorable and gives much-needed succinctness to an otherwise lengthy storyline that called for it.

When it comes to refocusing Nene and Hanako, their penchant for frivolous distractions makes it difficult for Kou, who is burdened with clan obligations as well as living in the shadow of his more successful and popular elder brother, to do so on a daily basis.

Unbelievably arrogant and inattentive boss.

The cherry on top is Megumi Ogata's Hanako, who dominates every scene she is in. It is difficult and young, and it promises to be harmful and cryptic as a coping strategy and a barrier to disguise what is clearly a horrific history.

The Seventh Wonder has been defined as "a coping attempt to conceal what is undeniably a painful history." While he promises Nene that he would tell her everything he knows when the moment is right, it is not immediately evident what has happened in his life.

Throughout the opening credits sequence, it is clear that Hanako is troubled by childhood memories, which are brought to the center of the story with the introduction of his past (which is backed by a superb theme song from Chibaku Shonen Band).

It's unsettling to watch Hanako as the fearful, wide-eyed child she was in Season One, and it foreshadows a terrible surprise in Season Two, which was eventually confirmed to have occurred.

chibi Hanako kun
chibi Hanako kun

Despite the fact that they are not the major focus of the story, the secondary school ensemble is well-developed to the point that the distinct qualities of the characters can be discerned.

Nene's best friend Aoi, who is also her most trusted confidant, is clearly a big fan of gossip, as seen by her eagerness to tell Nene about the latest terrifying story she's heard.

So far in Season One, the Wonders have demonstrated their flexibility by being both visually stunning and technologically advanced.

Each of them is struggling with a personal tragedy of their own, and Hanako's connections with each of them are unique. Visitors should take the time to see the 4 o'clock Bookcase, dubbed "the Fifth Wonder of the School Library." Throughout the film, his character serves as a father figure to the main characters and adds a feeling of calm to every scene in which he appears.


The animation in the application is one of its most remarkable features. Everything in this game is vibrant and visually appealing, with the exception of the unique character designs. Because they are all high school kids, they all have a chibi-like roundness about them, which contrasts with the bleak tone of the remainder of the story.

There are several visually appealing still frames that may be utilized to depict the passage of time or the transition between two different locations on a screen. When characters are involved in a debate, their funny reactions, pauses in thought, bursts of wrath, and internal monologue are shown in manga style.

Aside from that, the film employs a variety of animation methods, such as watercolours during peaceful transitions and pop art and mild computer-generated imagery (CGI) during action situations. "Yeah, there's a lot going on," my husband commented after Hanako-kun had been playing for a few minutes. Even if you are familiar with the medium, watching an episode of anime for the first time is substantially more enjoyable and engaging.

Everything is absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Where to Watch Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime

Crunchyroll (nope)


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